April in North Country

April in North County

It’s still too cold to rush
into the dawn, the clear blue cold too old
for me to want a fresh experience of it.  

Though I know it is a different clear blue cold
than March’s, or February’s, or early
December’s, still, 

I’ll let it sit over there
on the other side
of the window, while I sit here
beneath a blanket, waiting
for Spring.

Yes, I’d probably find it faster
on foot; it’s my guess that Spring anoints the shivering
more briskly than those under blankets;
imbues the bold
with a fresh and lively damp,
but I’ll just camp here
for the moment.


Little poem for April 11.  The above is a picture from one of my favorite children’s books, Snail Taxi.  (I’m not sure that Snail Taxi takes place in April but I like the pic.)  Snail Taxi is not yet on Amazon, but is available on Blurb here.  Check it out—it is a very sweet little book (and I think it’s on sale right now!)

Have a good day!

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2 Comments on “April in North Country”

  1. Sherry Marr Says:

    I love your sweet painting. And the poem – I relate as on chilly days I stay in too, now. Thanks for stopping by my blog – I stay pretty quiet these days, other than earthweal and the Muse……..nice to see the familiar names pop up!!!! Hope you are well and happy. Here on the west coast of Canada, spring is in full bloom, blossoms everywhere and have been for some weeks………..so beautiful it is hard to carry the dichotomy of so much beauty in a world where such a horrible war is happening. Your poem was a nice respite from the news.

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