Sitting, Mornings

I am a great believer in meditation, maybe not as great a practitioner! Though I do sit every morning, and give it priority, in that it is the very first thing I do. Though I don’t do it for any great length of time, and with no formal structure.

But what does it mean to say you believe in meditation—it’s hardly even a grammatical sentence.   Shouldn’t I say I believe in the power of meditation: i.e. how healing it is, how peacemaking, how good for your brain or heart.

Of course, I do believe/hope meditation will help me clean up my head. And act.  But what is most powerful for me is when it simply allows me to feel my connection to the universe. This sounds grandiose, but it isn’t really.  My sense of connection to the universe doesn’t make me feel particularly important, simply not alone.

It is kind of a savior, that connection.  In the midst of the of the wind in the chimney, the brief turning on of the heating system, grief over those I have lost, remorse over what I have done, the wish for a warm hat, gratitude for the warm hat that it is in fact just next to me (then on my head.) (The room where I sit is quite cold.)

 In the midst too of weeping (meditation can do that to you) over what feels overwhelming, or simply over, there the universe suddenly is, the universe saying “dear one, I am here with you.”  

I am lucky that the chunk of the universe where I live is particularly beautiful, forested in the distance, limbed up close, frosted right now, big-skied.  

There was a full moon last night, and there seems always to be some star or planet to the East in the chill Winter morning, some brilliant orb whose name I’ve been meaning to find out, without embarrassment that I don’t already know it.  

Just this minute, the snow to the west glows pink. 

But I am not meditating right now, so I can see all of this beauty. What is so great (or one of the great things), is that when you sit in the soft (and sometimes hard) space of meditation, it doesn’t much matter if the universe around you is pink-snowed. 

Hopefully, where you are, however, the universe is a little warmer.


PS – I’m not sure that the above picture really goes with this post—it is from my recent drawing marathon with Peter Hristoff.  It is a dandelion in a boat with a chair.  I don’t happen to meditate in a chair, but I think they are quite suitable for meditation, only the wings might be distracting.

The picture below of a figure with a shadow is simply one I like. AS ALWAYS, THANK YOU.

Have a good day. 

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5 Comments on “Sitting, Mornings”

  1. Nancy Says:

    Have a good day also. Namaste

  2. Helen Dehner Says:

    Lovely write, Karin … on meditation and the beauty all around.
    I see two figures / no shadow. Stay well,

  3. Peter Hristoff Says:

    I could really use a chair with wings. And a bouquet of Dandelions.

    Be well. Regards to Jay.

    Best, Peter

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