Hello Blog World!

A day of silent snow here.  The ground still, the sky an ocean of swirled movement. 

I would like to say that I feel like the landscape, but the truth: athough my mind is a blizzard, the still grounded base is conspicuously absent! Partly this is because I am trying to consider a new project. I mean, another book!  

It is very hard to get readers for a book. Nonetheless, I am drawn to writing them. The process of writing, revising, revising, revising, and then really finishing (sort of) is tremendously engaging.

I have been writing little poems and sketches here and there, and I have longed at times to post them, simply because those of you who check in are so nice! But I am hesitant to post some piece of writing that may not be truly finished as I find it really difficult to go on working on some piece of writing once it’s been made public. And my written work benefits from time/revision.

So, I’m delaying the poem posting for a bit  But I urge you to check out my books! Especially my new book of stories, Who Are You Kidding And Other Stories of Strange Change.  (Note that I am happy to send a free one to anyone who genuinely wants to read it.)

I would finally note that I don’t have nearly this embarrassment/hesitation re posting drawings/paintings. In part, I guess it’s because even though a drawing or painting can certainly be improved by more work, they can also be wrecked by it! (Again, I’m speaking of myself.)

So, the above is a little painting that was made while trying to cover up what came before. Yes, it seems very rough, but for the moment, I’m keeping it as is.

Have a great Saturday!

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4 Comments on “Drafts”

  1. Helen Dehner Says:

    Good morning! Happy I checked email this morning as I have a busy day ahead ~~ the painting intrigues, enlarged on my iPad I see an eye inside the waxing crescent moon, a person in a black jacket buffeted about by strong winds. Portent of the blizzard hitting our Northeast.

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