Nothing Really Working


A whirlwind week.  If you live in an isolated place as I do (i.e. far from lights), it doesn’t particularly feel like Christmas is coming.  And yet the season bears down even on those of us who are no longer sure of today’s date!

I tend to be a person with a higher than average quotient of residual guilt. (As a child, original sin may have featured heavily in Sunday sermons, I don’t know.)  As a result, I obsess about getting some kind of gift for each of those I love, then even after I get something, I obsess about getting something better or different or compensatory or “real.” It’s nuts.  Especially since I also believe fervently that all this buying is terrible for the planet (as well as for my bank account.)

But enough of the shopping angst!!!!

I was lucky enough to have another zoom Inventory Drawing class with Peter Hristoff last week.  In the past, the serendipity of poor preparation has served me very well; alas not this week.

I still really enjoyed the class.  But the problem in terms of output (from my point of view) was that I tried to use colored inks and brushes, but with fresh, very flat, white surfaces.  (I had no gessoed newspaper or gessoed-over old drawings to work from.)

The plain flat white was disconcerting, and instead of just doing ink drawings, I tried to make ink paintings.  Not very successful with each prompt lasting a minute. My pages were also spiraled onto a pad, which doesn’t work so well with a wet medium, so I was combining too many things on a single page, and still, constantly tearing off the pages. 

I sound like someone whose dog ate their homework!  So many excuses!  Very silly, since I really enjoyed the actual class, and in the class itself, went with the flow!  So I’m learning something. 

In any case, above and below are a few of the drawings. 

 I wish all a happy weekend despite the uncertainty of Omicron.  Get boosted!  And, if you are feeling particularly generous, check out my new book!!!!!  Who Are You Kidding? And Other Stories of Strange Change.

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2 Comments on “Nothing Really Working”

  1. Jim Says:

    I hadn’t and wouldn’t ever imagine having an art lesson using Zoom. How large is your class, more than just you as the presenter doesn’t seem to wait for a troubled student
    Mrs. Jim has had her book club meeting on Zoom but January 6 the meeting will be in our branch library. They have class participation using Zoom.
    At any rate I like your drawings and subsequently added coloring. The animals I feel to be soft and furry.
    You and yours HAVE A MERRY CHRISTMAS and a HAPPY NEW YEAR!! 🙂
    BTW, we have lots of lights on our street and throughout our neighborhood. I’ll put a couple of streets on my “jim’s little Christmas Tree farm” blog soon.

  2. Helen Dehner Says:

    … and yet, you managed to use my favorite variation on the color blue! Love the hands surrendering at the Mall. Wonderful.

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