Stages of–

Here’s some of my new drawings from an online figure drawing class, The Vigorous Figure, with the wonderful Peter Hristoff. The classes focuses on drawing quickly, which, for me, at least, is super helpful as I don’t have time to become demoralized! And even though the model is very frequently changing position, a possibility of flow emerges–something good in both drawing and life.

Unfortunately, I don’t have quite the same lack of self-consciousness in writing–perhaps because it is not so new to me as drawing, or perhaps I don’t there have an encouraging teacher! But at any rate, the series of sketches above feel like a reflection of where I am with my new book of stories. I thought I was done, and was kind of tired of the work, then I looked at it again, more analytically, and decided that it needed something more, and now I am in the middle of writing/revising three new stories, each of which (at the moment) feels kind of terrible, despite what seemed like easy promise!

At any rate, I am going to persevere. (Or give up.) (Or just wail for a while!)

Have a great weekend.

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4 Comments on “Stages of–”

  1. Helen Dehner Says:

    No giving up / no wailing. And that’s an order!😍

  2. Peter Hristoff Says:

    Thanks again! That is a wonderful sheet of drawings…isn’t the gessoed newspaper a great surface? That seated figure on the right: wonderful!! I love what you wrote about not having the time to be demoralized. These look like confident sketches. At the risk of sounding like a broken record, believability (in drawing!) has nothing to do with “accuracy”. That said, I don’t like this philosophy in other arenas, especially not in journalism :-))

    Enjoy the weekend.


    • ManicDdaily Says:

      Hi Peter–yes, the gessoed newspaper is just great. I am so happy that you suggested it as it makes for a lovely and interesting background, but also takes the medium well. I have been using charcoals this time around because I am always rushing to get from work day to drawing mode and haven’t had time to set up inks, but the charcoals don’t smear on the newspaper, so are wonderful. Am all for accuracy in journalism! Ha!

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