Hop, Skip, Skedaddle (a little poem)

Hop Skip Skedaddle!

Hop skip skedaddle!
Ping pong your paddle!
Saddle as you straddle
what carries you to battle.

And what is it you battle
(as your bones whittle rattle)?
The quack’s unctious twaddle?
The quick’s tittle tattle?

Forget that; let a fiddle
fill you with a riddle
that bodiddles in the middle,
that holds you big and little.

And let that riddle sing you,
unfettered wonder ring you,
all the ways you travel,
all the days of new unravel,
as you hop, skip, skedaddle,
also, waddle waddle. 


Here’s a little poem and pic. You can see I am getting kind of tired of reading the news, and preferring music and word games. (And also, just plain work, sometimes.)

Take care!

(As always, all rights reserved.)

(ps – I am sorry that the other day I inadvertently posted the same pic in two posts, both sent out! My internet for loading pics is sometimes not great, and I didn’t think it had posted–sorry for any annoyance!)

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2 Comments on “Hop, Skip, Skedaddle (a little poem)”

  1. Helen Dehner Says:

    News is depressing, I prefer whimsy these days.

  2. M Says:

    charming, K ~

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