I started to write that I was flying today, but I realize that could mean that my spirits were lifting me to the skies, when in fact all that I am doing is boarding a plane. 

My first time on public transportation since the beginning of March 2020.  

I had intended to sit out the Delta variant, but things come up, and sometimes one also needs to. (Honestly, I feel blessed to be able to get to the place I want to go.)  But, of course, there is trepidation–will I be able to manage double-masking?  Do I need to?  Are the masks that I bought that are labeled some kind of N95 truly some kind of N95? What if we are delayed endlessly? What if we go down?  (I’m not actually so worried about that one. But we have been breathing an awfully lot of doom lately!)

Then there are the looking-out-the-window fears, the in-cabin concerns. Will the landscape look scorched? Will some passenger go beserk?

The pic above was done earlier this summer after hearing of the death of a dear friend, who dearly dearly loved to travel.  

The pic below is just one of my children’s variety, included with the hope of raising my spirits (and maybe yours a little) to the skies.  Yes, they look like they are about to crash, but isn’t the pull-out from the nose dive the exciting part? 

Stay well.    

As always, all rights reserved.

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One Comment on “Flying”

  1. Helen Dehner Says:

    I, too, am traveling on October 1st back home to the St. Louis area for the celebration of my favorite Aunt’s life. Five years my senior, she was like the older sister I did not have. I am experiencing every bit of jittery angst you describe so well. I will remember your whimsical drawings to soothe my jangled nerves!!

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