Global Sadness

Dear all, 

Another week nearly done.  A hard one. The world flooding with calamity, need, storms; the world aflame with arms, anger, fire. 

If you are in a physically quiet place, it feels like a good time to just sit still.  Although one also feels guilty, just sitting still.  

But the daily flow of events is overwhelming–a part of me tries to limit some of obsession with news, but that’s almost impossible.  There’s a part that just that–obsession.  But one also feels the importance of knowing what is going on in such difficult times; that the times deserve one’s attention. 

Those lost in Kabul yesterday deserve sadness, even as some of us would like to just not think about it. Those lost currently to Covid deserve sadness, even though some are tempted to opt for blame rather than pain.

It can feel particularly strange to grieve for others when one is conscious of great personal luck; when one feels almost artificial to feel sadness from a perch of relative stability, contentment. (Though, of course, even the luckiest among us has, or will have, or has had, some deep personal pain.  It’s how life is.)  

I don’t know what to say next, only that I don’t think it’s artificial to feel that collective sadness; I don’t know how else connection happens. 

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4 Comments on “Global Sadness”

  1. Helen Dehner Says:

    I join you in collective sadness.

  2. Jim Says:

    I love that elephant. Wouldn’t our world be so nice a place to live if everyone were as innocent and naïve as your cute elephant. It pleased me so very much to open this and find the cute little beast.
    There are also so many nuts with guns running around lately. We have shootings and more shooting, more than New Orleans or Chicago would have back when people mourned over all the killings or maimings they had. Now it is everywhere, for sure here in the Houston area.
    Thanks for peeking in on me. I, and I think we, do miss your writing.

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