My New Book – Momoir, Maybe

My new book, a series of micro-fictions and fact, available now. It is a book of particular interest for anyone who has, or once had, a mother. It feels like an act of stupidity, hubris or bravery–honestly, I just don’t know–to put it out, but I have worked a great deal on it and think it’s good (ha–maybe). Please check it out. Note that it is not a children’s book, though it is a pretty book in print.

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3 Comments on “My New Book – Momoir, Maybe”

  1. barbara_y Says:

    Congratulations! Love the cover. Makes me think of Dover reprints ( that’s a good thing) and Victorian wallpaper (ditto).

  2. Kerry Says:

    i feel like this work but be a rite of passage for you, Karin. Congratulations.

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