They didn’t want her to find
any treasure.

When her eyes went out, she went
learning with hands’ crawl the touch
of ore.

But when her hands were taken,
such methods worked no more,
her mouth could not walk, her tongue despaired of carrying
even the smallest gems.

In the sway of that dismemberment,
something gave way
to wings, the black beads of
blinkless eyes,
and though, this was wondrous
in itself, it took her some time not to miss the stones
she’d so long pocketed,
song still foreign to her,
words no longer familiar.


Poem of sorts for April, 2017, open link prompt on Real Toads, hosted by Marian,

Pic is mine, pencil on paper, all rights reserved for poem/pic, as always.

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5 Comments on “Persisting”

  1. Jim Says:

    Hello, K. You went wild with this one, rather dark, I never could be this bad/good. I try. I was really feeling sorry for this lady, was she a poacher in a diamond field?
    BTW, since our visit I have posted a picture of KP wearing her purple jacket. I took some pictures of her this evening by the pool, she was wearing a pretty purple bottomed dress. But my Picasa failed me. I hope it is okay, I use it a lot. But Google has stopped supporting it.

  2. Marian Says:

    Ohhh…. from ashes. This is so painful, but a little hopeful. Your drawing, sigh. It is nice to see you, Karin.

  3. Kerry O'Connor Says:

    There is something of the archetype in this introspective portrait like you character might have stepped out of some arcane mythology.

  4. hypercryptical Says:

    Deep compelling words I haven’t quite got to the bottom of yet Karin. And your words are painful, yet beautifully so.
    Kind regards
    Anna :o]

  5. M Says:

    the dove of peace, and your alter ego perhaps. good to read your work, K ~

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