Where are we going? (charcoal)

“Where are we going?”, charcoal on paper, March 2017, all rights reserved.  Posted for Brendan’s prompt on real toads about fools.

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4 Comments on “Where are we going? (charcoal)”

  1. Kerry O'Connor Says:

    This is very lovely, Karin. I like the girl as landscape and of course, the herd of elephant.

  2. Brendan Says:

    I find this inexpressibly sad. A lot of life following the reaper’s walk offpage. Did you dream this? Last night I dreamt of cooing a frightened swan out of a dark cocoon. It had come to trust me and life outside that nest. Then a friend who recently committed suicide blew up the nest. I felt so so sorry for the bird; where would it go now when it needed to retreat?

    • ManicDdaily Says:

      Hi Brendan, that sounds like a very sad dream indeed, and all too much like daily life. I did not dream mine, but have been doing a lot of dream-like drawings–sort of dream-like–trying to just be very open in terms of what I put into them. I am lucky as I have very little ego about my draftsmanship! (Ha!) So, it makes it easier to be sort of free. Such a sad time. I loved your poem. k.

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