Gag Order

Gag Order

After the tide
took care, there were left

Their metal jetter
than jackdaw–how sharply
they gyred.

The men urging the tide,
the men who’d made
pity less, used only
wooden hangers, fit for an artifice
of shoulder, patting down empty suits
in ceremonies
of shiny serge

while the women’s insides tattered,
poor women.

Draft poem for Kerry O’ Connor’s Get Listed prompt on With Real Toads to use certain words from Yeats.  

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5 Comments on “Gag Order”

  1. The empty suits.. or the naked emperors… we seem to see the same. The gag order is something that scares me more than anything else actually.

  2. Kerry O'Connor Says:

    the men who’d made
    pity less..

    Such an outstanding statement in a very thought-provoking poem.

  3. I can’t believe what has happened. Your words are a powerful telling of it.

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