What to do?





Keep faith.

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5 Comments on “What to do?”

  1. Steve King Says:

    Well said. The elephants depend on you.

  2. Jim Says:

    Love the drawings, K.
    Do whatever you did when you got kicked, hard, in the butt, lost your home, kids, and car. It’s about that bad. Been there.
    Been missing you in the Toad Garden.

  3. Kerry O'Connor Says:

    I am also missing you in the garden, Karin..
    As for the question.. best to see it in an historical context or as ‘a comma’ in a much longer sentence.


    • ManicDdaily Says:

      Hi Kerry, Thank you. I miss the Garden too but posting has been difficult for me.

      I am feeling heartened after the women’s marches–I was in the NYC one. All best, k.

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