Why We Have to Just Keep Trying


Why We Have to Just Keep Trying

I’m wondering if what’s iron in us rusts,
I’m wondering if what won’t contract just busts

in that cold
we can’t old away.

I think of my grandmother’s heavy hand-cranked pump
stumped in the yard,
how it groaned with each new use, rained
what first seemed stained
with blood, till it gushed a flood, aglow with those stars that flow
even in ground water.



A very drafty drafty poem for Kerry O’Connor’s micro-poem (ten line) challenge with a theme of rust and gold on With Real Toads.   Pic is mine.   


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10 Comments on “Why We Have to Just Keep Trying”

  1. Kerry O'Connor Says:

    Such a beautiful description – the taint of rust lends authenticity to experience here.

  2. Mama Zen Says:

    Gorgeous work, K.

  3. The way you have used rhyme makes such extra strength… like pulling that handle on the pump… a movement that I like.

  4. Jim Says:

    Dr. Jim in a nut shell, ‘yes, your iron WILL rust if you drink at least eight ounces of water and if you are a burp-a-lot type person.’ This should not be construed as medical advice, Dr. Jim is not a medical doctor.
    I love this whimsical, yet serious in part ‘micro write.’ Your grandmother at the pump, my mom, yes, the first draw was likely to be somewhat rusty if the well and pump has set for a day or so. But then we get city water from Houston and it is brown every now and then.

  5. Sherry Marr Says:

    Oh I love this, the way the pump groans at first, and gushes rusty water, before the flood of clean. Let us hope this is a metaphor for what happens in the USA

  6. I love the first two questions and then the rusty water finally gushing stars… makes me wonder at the connection they all have.

  7. Helen Says:

    The visuals in your poem are stunning …

  8. Stacie Lin Says:

    so much i love about this, water flowing as stars. the analogy of aging. dramatic and gorgeous.

  9. Rosemary Nissen-Wade Says:

    Fascinating speculations, nostalgic memories, interesting placement of rhymes to good effect. You always achieve, for me, the unexpected – which I always love.

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