Because it was my heart, I made a corner for it
in the apartment,
on an old folded comforter, green, freckled
with flowers.

I could not believe my heart
would mistake the comforter
for a true field,
but hoped that it would sense
the summers overspread, the words
there read–children’s stories
where good prevails
though something much loved
is lost,

and so my heart lay,
quivering at times, still, at times, cold.


Another poem for Kerry O’Connor’s Sunday mini challenge  (though longer than ten lines) on “because it was my heart” (though a bit longer than mini) and also for Real Toads open platform.  Weird pic mine.  All rights reserved.  

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17 Comments on “Comforter”

  1. Rosemary Nissen-Wade Says:

    I just adore this piece!

  2. gillena Says:

    naïveté clings to its host that way, I am easily absorbed into this one

    much love…

  3. Laura Bloomsbury Says:

    unusual and imaginative – so much said in this poem which deserves several more readings –

  4. Jim Says:

    I too hope that your corner of the quilt will excite and inspire many a child. I believe my seven-year-old GD could compose several plays around your design.
    p.s. Her reading teacher was visiting this morning, giving her a boost and a challenge. She loves to read but becomes impatient with the slower stories. You ought to see here do a hip-hop dance to the “Catch a Falling Star” song. I won’t forget it though I’m sure she has. But she could do it again, just start the song.

  5. p.s. Says:

    Incredible work.

  6. Brendan Says:

    It wouldn’t be our heart, I suppose, if it didn’t declare its own arrangements and embracures. I think of those fetish-objects of children — the teddy bear and blanket my younger brother, now long dead, had declared bear-bear and king-king, and would not attempt to risk being alone throughout the day without those companions. The deemed familiar and intimate, it’s symbolic and metaphoric in essence. That’s how the heart rolls, turning chosen corners into cloisters. Excellent response to the challenge.

  7. though something much loved is lost,
    and so my heart lay,quivering at times

    One feels sorry that some things are dealt with a cruel blow through no fault of theirs.


  8. Kerry O'Connor Says:

    This is an instant favourite for me, Karin. You have such an amazing talent of taking the literal and using it metaphorically in a way that encourages your reader to think outside the box. I find this portrait to be very vulnerable.

    • ManicDdaily Says:

      Ha. Well, thanks very much, Kerry. It was such a wonderful prompt. Also, hope all is going okay today in SA with the elections. I haven’t really followed it very closely but understand that it is a turbulent time and election. Take care. k.

  9. brian miller Says:

    how do you truly bring comfort to the heart?
    probably no more than a grieving widow, or lover lost,
    it must walk the path – no matter what we try…

    perhaps it does not trust as easily as kids do
    that good will prevail…and that stories could be true.

  10. I love this. There are times I have made a comforter for my heart…All the good things to snuggle in when life sends storms. Beautiful, creative piece

  11. hedgewitch Says:

    We do our best to comfort our hearts, to give them what we can, but so often it is as here, a symbol, a make-shift, or a promise we can’t fulfill. Insightful piece, k, and very poignantly written, especially the finish.

  12. Marian Says:

    Ooooh I too love this, Karin. The quilt, comforting over there, you shiver. A sacrifice. Love.

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