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When I look at the flash of fireflies
over the tall-grassed field,
I feel, after all, that you must not
have disappeared.

I hear in their silent light
your not-stillness; eyes ache
at the unmade sounds
even as hurt

is run aground, all small
beneath the untilled sky, but


I am posting this rather belatedly for Poets United’s prompt on resilience.  Photo is mine–a bit early in the evening for fireflies, which are so hard to capture on film in any case. 

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8 Comments on “Lit”

  1. Sherry Marr Says:

    This touches my heart, the fireflies “over the tall-grassed field” meaning the loved one must not have disappeared…..and then “all small beneath the untilled sky but bright bright be right….” Just so lovely. The absence of a loved one is such a constant ache….this poem eases it somewhat, for the bereaved.

  2. Lovely!! Beautiful symbolism and imagery. ❤ MW

  3. Enjoyed the poem and photo very much. Thanks.

    Greetings from London.

  4. stillight Says:

    This is lovely!!

  5. C.C. Says:

    There is such a beautiful ache to this!

  6. hedgewitch Says:

    Lovely, still and lush poem with a wash of both yearning and peace. And a wonderful photo as well, that blue so deep it is almost purple always seems mysterious and full of the hidden things.

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