Would-be Novelist Asked What She’s Really Like

Working with....Lappup

Would-be Novelist Asked What She’s Really Like

In a far car whirring
past corn,
we played a game of what breed of dog
we’d be if dog-born,
what flower, what tree–so hard
when what you knew you were
was not what you preferred;
easier to name an uncle as German Shepherd,
an aunt as violet.


Draft poem for Mama Zen’s prompt on Real Toads to write about who you truly are in 50 words or less.  This is (I’m guessing) probably my 30th poem for April, as I think I was a couple ahead. A recycled drawing (of mine) , of typing with lap-pup (Pearl!) 

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8 Comments on “Would-be Novelist Asked What She’s Really Like”

  1. Rosemary Nissen-Wade Says:

    Lovely oblique hints! 🙂

  2. whimsygizmo Says:

    Those last lines are just wonderful.

  3. So hard to write about yourself… love those lines. (I wonder if any of your aunts a cactus)…

  4. hedgewitch Says:

    What we are is so very seldom what we’d prefer, but at least we can imagine an alternative and try to make it as much ourselves as possible–maybe even easier for a novelist. ;_) Very wry and sharp little piece, k.

  5. Mama Zen Says:

    What a neat piece, K! I love the angle you found for the prompt.

  6. Kerry O'Connor Says:

    Haha! This is so clever!

  7. Jim Says:

    I’m liking this one, K. Don’t know what I’d like to be, a migrating bird maybe. I kike to travel.
    BTW, your comment link is broken for me on the missing father post. I liked him having first the gold teeth and gaps for missing teeth.

  8. Susan Says:

    As a would-be novelist, I am captured by your title. As a living soul, I am moved by the attempt to define. it’s even harder to live under other’s ideas of us, isn’t it? Love. Thank you.

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