Considering a Game of Shakespeare

Considering a Game of Shakespeare (Where You Have to Choose One Item)

If I could only keep one Shakespeare bit,
it would be the Complete Works.  Oh, sure, I hate
the teeny print–so hard for me to peer at,
squinting–but the malignancy of that fate
would be my fault (and not the stars). I mean,
not from stars do I myopia pluck.
For how could I foreswear yon Cassius lean
in favor of plumper Bottom, pricked by Puck?
Pass over Fools? Forego Mercutio?
I don’t wish to clean my hands of their quick bluff–
I confess I’m not in love with bold Banquo
but forget the pretty chickens of MacDuff?
Better to lug huge book than choose just one–
my love more ponderous than any ton—


A bit of a joke poem for Kerry O’ Connor’s wonderful prompt on Real Toads concerning the 400th anniversary of Shakespeare’s death.   Various lines are, of course, cribbed, but last (which I’m rather proud of) is Cordelia, Scene I, Act I, King Lear.)   

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23 Comments on “Considering a Game of Shakespeare”

  1. Steve King Says:

    Honoring the poet and the form…this was great fun to read.

  2. Sanaa Rizvi Says:

    Oh how I adore this! Lovely write 😀

  3. Kerry O'Connor Says:

    I just had one of those ‘I wish I had written this’ moments. This is a stellar response to the prompt, and such a stylish sonnet too.

  4. whimsygizmo Says:

    Oh, my. Just fantastic. You have a wonderful grasp on his works, and you’ve culled a bouquet of beauty, here. Just wonderful.

  5. An absolute delight. And witty, ever so witty, too. Thanks. The Bard would approve. 🙂

    Greetings from London.

  6. elleceef Says:

    So much fun, and so well done, you have reason to be pleased as we are,,

  7. Oh I love it.. and so apt for the prompt. We can just smile at it all.. how can we ever have anything but the complete… it would be like open heart surgery to remove even a tiny bit.

  8. Such a fun walk through bits of Shakespeare. I love how you have identified little images and characters in Shakespeare and then run with them.
    Regarding the odd message, an odd message popped up with the Real Toads website yesterday and again this morning when I attempted to read Kerry’s last post and visit links. The message says it is a suspicious website and blocked it. But then on the second attempt, I accessed it. Maybe just a glitch.

  9. Love it! (and my Complete Works)

  10. Your word smithery is swag! Sonnets are such fanciful trickery, and I am amazed

  11. C.C. Says:

    Such a clever response…love all the references you snuck in there 🙂

  12. Rosemary Nissen-Wade Says:

    You are so right! And in fact I have my own copy, though a different edition. (I won mine in a State-wide essay competition on Shakespeare when I was 17. Yes, I am still proud of that, and glad of the cherished prize.)

  13. Candy Says:

    your love of that tome shines through

  14. hedgewitch Says:

    I have only the Shakespeare Reader, because it has the sonnets–but only excerpts from the plays–it makes you read them as poetry a bit more I think, but also is frustrating as they are narrative that you want to see continue on–lots of fun in this one, k. Enjoyed it.

    • ManicDdaily Says:

      That sounds good. The print is very hard for me. I have a great free app on my phone in fact and just have been lucky enough to see plays Often in kids productions but still great. K

    • ManicDdaily Says:

      ps — the book is my chidren’s in fact! I got them each a complete book for a graduation present! I once bought a full set of used individual plays, but I mainly just had old little assorted folgers and now my great phone app. I think the reader sounds quite nice as you can find best speeches. k.

  15. Marian Says:

    Nice, Karin! I have this old 3-volume Shakespeare set that had been my grandmother’s, and who knows who else’s before that. It is completely unreadable and even smells bad, but… I cling to it. 🙂

  16. I love the collection of favorites!

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