Leaf No

Leaf No

When I was a seed,
all I needed was
some grounding.

But even rooted,
all I wanted was
to shoot.

When I shot up,
I seethed to leave
(not understanding what
the “F”–)

And climbed way out upon a limb
where swaying with each passing wind,
I fell to the ground again
(and here I am, and here I am).

Now, I’ve had some time to learn
more than I’d lief know
of what it means to be sown, oh yes,
and what it is to grow.


Yes, tired.  Yes, eminently drafty.  14th poem for the month of April.  Posted belated in Real Toads Open Platform, hosted by the wonderful Kerry O’Connor.  This one influenced by a song she posted whose title is Seven Years.

Pic is mine taken this morning of Central Park, modified.  Sorry if late returning comments; will be there!

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8 Comments on “Leaf No”

  1. hedgewitch Says:

    Lots of word juggling and sword swallowing here, all of it a pleasure to watch. Your metaphor flows and grows like a grain field, and the last lines ring very true.

  2. Raivenne Says:

    Such an excellent insightful write, K, beautifully expressed.

    “I seethed to leave” the play on this made me smile. The trials of reaching that unholy grail called of adulthood. Even moreso than when I was but a sprout I find there are times I am still “(not understanding what
    the “F”–)”

  3. The growing and the falling… how much they are connected…what a wonderful piece.

  4. Kerry O'Connor Says:

    I love your subtle use of pun and homophone (especially ‘lief’ tucked in there.). The presence of beautiful trees in the heart of a city is a very inspiring sight.

  5. This is wonderful… it’s so true, we are continuously re-sown, beginning again and again, growing into this life moment by moment.

  6. Mama Zen Says:

    Clever, clever, clever!

  7. M Says:

    I love that you used lief in this ~

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