Wish (3)


My grandmother talked of her horses
knowing the way home,
how she could just
let loose the reins—

I wish I knew
the loosening of reins, the letting lead
the soft strong beautiful,
the flank’s dusk-silvered shiver,
the found home of sound steps.

A drafty poem, number 3, for April for my own prompt on horses on Real Toads.  I call this one drafty because I’ve done about fifteen versions and can no longer tell which I like best. Ha!  Will try to keep and review at some later date. 

Pic is mine, watercolor.  All rights reserved. 

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17 Comments on “Wish (3)”

  1. Beautiful wish. Just right

  2. Mama Zen Says:

    I LOVE this. I think it’s brilliant just as it is.

  3. elleceef Says:

    Whimsical, I love it, I wonder what would happen if we let go of the reins,

  4. I do love this. Not sure you should change it.

  5. Raivenne Says:

    In modern parlance it is the feeling I have with taxis that know the way to my home without guidance from me or GPS. That “Oh I know where that is!” relief of knowing I can just relax and enjoy the ride is not far off from this.

  6. Kerry O'Connor Says:

    Yes, I have always loved that about horses. The homing instinct is strong in most of us though some choose to ignore it.

  7. Sherry Marr Says:

    Oh, this is lovely…..this learning to let lead the soft strong beautiful does occur on the journey, kiddo. Watch for it.

  8. Love the way this poem sounds when I read it a aloud. Also the images it brings to mind, especially the first stanza. And the wish, how I love the wish…

  9. I love the way your words flow together in that last stanza…beautiful writing, K! Thank you, for the challenge!

  10. Sanaa Rizvi Says:

    the flank’s dusk-silvered shiver,
    the found home of sound steps.

    Such a gorgeous close..!

  11. This stirs the yearning in me to know what it feels like to ride a horse, to feel pounding freedom electrify your body…..Lovely art and words.

  12. Jim Says:

    Your grandmother was right, K. I rode my horse to high school, three miles. Going home, I could never even but on a bridle and Minnie would just go home. A true farmer saying is that even a slow walking horse walks much faster going to the barn.
    “I wish I knew the loosening of reins, the letting lead–the soft strong beautiful, the flank’s dusk-silvered shiver, the found home of sound steps.” Humans are trained differently and know so much more of attractive detours and deviations. Home becomes just another place to go.

  13. othermary Says:

    I love this version, I’d be interested in seeing some of the others too. And the picture is great too. My grandpa talked of falling asleep in the buggy after courting the woman who became my grandma, and the horse would take him safely home. Thanks for the reminder.

  14. B.G. Says:

    “I wish I knew
    the loosening of reins”

    Yeah, me too.

    This is an excellent poem, K. I love it.

  15. M Says:

    I’m 20 hours awake after a 16 hour work day and 2 hours driving… so goofy … apologies.

    I bet all 15 versions are good – thanks for inviting me to play, and for a good prompt ~

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