Depressed Poet, Winter Field


Depressed Poet, Winter Field

Wraith stalks would loom
over the field
like widows’ weeds
if last year’s hay
were earth’s spouse, and “widows’ weeds”
did not mean rough cloth, but whatever stands up
in loss.

That none of these “ifs’ are true,
yet also are,
is what keeps someone shaped like me
walking this field,
this earth, this rebirth.


55 words (plus title) for Kerry O’ Connor’s prompt on With Real Toads.  Kerry’s prompt talks of using words without direct translations–I wasn’t consciously thinking of that when writing this poem, but perhaps it sort of fits.  Sorry if I owe people comments–a very busy time, but will get to you. 

Pic is mine (as well, of course, as poem).  All rights reserved. k. 

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16 Comments on “Depressed Poet, Winter Field”

  1. This time of year can feel so heavy, the fields are dead, but there’s something in the air of promise… A waiting room perhaps? The mourning feeling of grass as widow’s weed is marvellous.

  2. hedgewitch Says:

    ‘whatever stands up in loss,’ indeed. Haunting and sad, with that winter lack that goes down to the bone.

  3. Steve King Says:

    A very nice exposure on the picture–foreground and bright sky with the ‘right’ look. I think of our winter this year as more of an extended autumn. We haven’t had much of the snow cover that always serves to disguise the dismal reality of the natural world dying off all around us. It takes a hardy psyche to ‘stand up to this loss,’ as you put it. But you’ve distilled the feeling of it all so nicely in your 55.
    Steve K.

  4. I like your descriptive, yet poetic words giving voice to a heavy, winter space.

  5. Marian Says:

    I hope now you have a little snow covering that field. Somehow it helps in February.

  6. coalblack Says:

    Love the photo and “someone shaped like me”.

  7. ayala Says:

    Haunting and sad.

  8. This is profoundly beautiful!

  9. is what keeps someone shaped like me
    walking this field,

    Despite not knowing what the outcome one still gives in to feelings of love and hope for the best. Great take K


  10. Snakypoet (Rosemary Nissen-Wade) Says:

    A very satisfying read.

  11. Kerry O'Connor Says:

    There are certain states of mind which are difficult to address in a single word.
    I thought this very well-expressed:
    “widows’ weeds”
    …..(means) whatever stands up
    in loss.

  12. Brilliant comparisons here.

  13. ihatepoetry Says:

    You captured a familiar scene in a novel and striking way.

  14. but whatever stands up
    in loss.

    a widow bears much. Last year’s hay (to me a horse person) means a lot. We must use it up as the nutrient content gets depleted and really shouldn’t feed it to the horses after a certain amount of time. So strength too ebbs… “widow weeds” only fortify for a certain amount of time.

    I liked this a lot

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