Pressing myself against your bared back
feels like the idea
of lying down in a golden field
only there is no stalk
poking my arm–

well, that is not completely true–

except that my skin is not incipient
with crawl, with twitch, some
itch, and the craving
to (not exactly) scratch it–

forget that too–

but certainly there’s no filigree of fern or even hair
along the horn of your nape, spine,
the ridges of ribs that like me
reach round you,
the crests of shoulders
my nose climbs–

For it’s only the idea
of a golden field,
this warmth where I lay
me down, or at least
the idea of me,
this expanse where we both
become quite other–

not true again–

for your skin
always holds gold
when I look closely–
you, my
mister glister–
you, where I lay
you, who loves that me–


I’m back with this draftish poem for Hannah’s prompt on nature’s wonders on With Real Toads.  The pic is an older one of a much wetter field than I imagine for this poem!  

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12 Comments on “Field”

  1. Sanaa Rizvi Says:

    Beautiful..! Loved your take on this prompt 🙂
    Well penned!

  2. hedgewitch Says:

    Loving the early morning feel of yearning here–this panoramic sweep of nature fused into a human relationship that is both natural as can be, and often impossible to find, lush, and sensual in all sorts of subtle as well as plainly seen ways. I especially like the visual of the nape, and the ending lines. So good to get a poetry fix from you, k. Thanks.

    • ManicDdaily Says:

      Thanks so much. Just written this morning and on the computer rather than notebook so should probably let “stew” longer, but I am in that phase where writing seems not so much impossible as inconsequential, so I thought better to just let it be as is (rather than let cynicism/fatigue argue me into silent submission). Still in NYC, but hoping to get home soon. Thanks as always for kind reading. k.

  3. So lovely, especially the closing stanza….”you, where I lay me down”. Sigh. Evocative of all good things.

  4. Sigh…what a beautiful way to express this, K. Thank you so much for sharing your voice!

  5. The sunrise of yearning…beautiful

  6. Mama Zen Says:

    Beautiful and romantic!

  7. Vinay Leo R. Says:

    Oh! Romantic. Well written 🙂 Especially the lines

    for your skin
    always holds gold
    when I look closely


    The italicized parts got a chuckle 🙂

  8. Love how you brought the image of the golden field all the way through into a metaphor for those moment at dawn.

  9. X Says:

    Mister glister made me chuckle a bit. Love the rather sensual intimacy of choosing to lay down with them in the glowing we.

  10. M Says:

    beautiful pen, k ~

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