National Haiku Day (Supposedly) in the middle of National Poetry Month!

National Haiku Day!

As I haiku up
the hill, every blade of grass
is a syllable.


There’s a tree disease
that looks like an O.C.D.
woodpecker.  Save us.


The stream in spring winds
wide, sings its own wind song,
maybe more a hum.


Here’s some haiku for Hannah Gosselin’s sweet prompt on haiku on With Real Toads for national haiku day (who knew?) as part of national poetry month.  This is its 17th day.  That is all I know!  Also that it is 2015.  And FRIDAY!!!!!

Have a happy, safe, healthy, blessed, poetic – but not of the melancholic variety of poetics–weekend!

The picture is a picture of mine of a (seeming) disease that makes holes in trees.  This tree actually isn’t so afflicted–there are a couple that are truly riddled.  And it is a riddle–to me at least.  Any person who knows what it is, let me know!
I am sorry for any lateness in returning visits!  This has been a fairly hard work month for me.  Thanks for your patience. k.

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26 Comments on “National Haiku Day (Supposedly) in the middle of National Poetry Month!”

  1. Sanaa Rizvi Says:

    A very unique and intriguing collection of haiku..! 😀
    Loved it. The picture is so beautiful..!
    Happy Haiku Day 😀

  2. Susan Says:

    Yowza! Each of your images is unique and evocative. I love haikuing up the hill!. Save us, indeed. Perhaps that humming stream can save some dying of thirst.

  3. othermary Says:

    You have a haiku hat trick! Nice – especially the first one.

  4. Ella Says:

    You are so clever~ I love your wordplay

  5. Sumana Roy Says:

    a grand set and the first one is my favorite…

  6. M Says:

    lots of spreading tree diseases due to climate change… but that’s a Friday downer, and you forbad that, so cheerio instead! these had me smiling, especially the first one ~

  7. Jim Says:

    Yes, a nice collection you gave us. My favorite is the first with its “every blade of grass is a syllable”, which is true.
    What does your brother teach? My son has a Chemical Engineering Degree from TAMU and a MBA in Finance from Rice.
    I taught Business Law and Entrepreneurship at San Jacinto College. He will know it, a community college. Perhaps he had some transfer students from there.

  8. We are all climbing syllables every now and then.. So clever.

  9. Oh I love these, especially the originality of the first.

  10. Snakypoet (Rosemary Nissen-Wade) Says:

    I enjoy your wit!

  11. Gillena Cox Says:

    luv them all (◕‿◕。)

    much love…

  12. claudia Says:

    they’re all cool – but i just LOVE the first one…
    haiku up the hill.. ha… i like…and every grass blade a syllable..

  13. Marian Says:

    Oh that first one! Someone should have that tattooed on her ass for followers to appreciate.

  14. hedgewitch Says:

    Not a disease (like haiku) but an insect–the wood borer, a beetle whose life cycle involves laying eggs in the cambium layer, and whose larvae when hatched eat their way out, leaving those holes. That off my horticultural chest, I will say the haiku is one of my least favorite forms, but you do a wonderful job of reconciling it to my brain here–I especially like the first one–a wonderful pun that works both as humor and as sense.

    • hedgewitch Says:

      Sorry for the wonderful redundancy of wonderfuls–it’s this wonderful month. ;_)

    • ManicDdaily Says:

      Thank you for that! I knew it had to be something like that. This tree not so bad but we have some cedars that really have the holes every inch or so. Haiku is not my favorite either–I feel certain it is something quite different in Japanese. Take care, k.

  15. The first haiku made me laugh aloud. Thank you! I completely saw the speaker haiku(ing) up, five quick steps, then seven not so quick ones, followed by five more at a similar speed. 😀

  16. How these made me smile, especially haikuing up the hill! And the OCD woodpecker!

  17. Kerry O'Connor Says:

    Exquisite work, Karin.

    That first is just exceptional.

  18. wolfsrosebud Says:

    you certainly captured spring… the last one spoke to me… the first one was very clever

  19. Mama Zen Says:

    That first one is hilarious!

  20. Your first is brilliant in my opinion and I enjoyed each one! Thank you for joining in, K!

  21. margaret Says:

    I am really ticked pink with that first one! A poet is ever vigilant and this is a perfect metaphor.

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