Sounds of Snow Silence


Sounds of Snow Silence

What passes for silence
in snow–
the flicks of flakes, shush
of pants’ legs, trees’ creak (rocking against
sky’s floor), the ocean
that is wind, the freeze
of my chin, which would sound, if cold
resonated, like a bolt tightening, lightbulb
screwed in, or when I bend
into the current, the glow
of its undertow.


55 (without title) for the G-Man, who lives on at Real Toads.  The image (as is normally the case on my blog) is some construct of mine.  (All rights reserved.)

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23 Comments on “Sounds of Snow Silence”

  1. Polly Says:

    I love this k. You can hear, almost taste, the silence.

  2. Kay Davies Says:

    A beautiful write. If there’s walking in the snow to be done these days, I let my husband and the dog do it, but I remember the cold oh-so-very well.

  3. You have captured the feeling of a snowy walk. I remember them well although I see very few of them any more. Love “sky’s floor”.

  4. I love the trees “rockin’ against sky’s floor” and the “ocean of wind”.

  5. The flicks of flakes, the silence and the pant’s legs does this for me.. All these are details that really makes me think of a winter day. Wonderful.

  6. That is a beauty. Every word is apt, every image is alive, every sound evokes the senses.

  7. These sounds of silence are like a subplot…the sounds we would not regularly notice if the traffic main plot of our lives flowed its usual course. A beautifully composed poem exploring the almost intangible.

  8. Kerry O'Connor Says:

    You have found the beauty in the extremes of weather. Perhaps we idealize snow down south because we see so little of it but I envy the sight of snow ndr moonlight.

  9. wolfsrosebud Says:

    wonderful description throughout… the reader felt it all

  10. Grace Says:

    I admire the sounds of silence – flicks, shush, creaks ~ Each word is a gem to read ~

  11. hedgewitch Says:

    Brilliant imagery in this , k–‘like a bolt tightening’ makes my muscles tighten in an involuntary response, just like cold, and ‘the ocean that is wind..’ is superlative. Really well done job of condensing a complex mood and thoughts into something concentrated and strong, yet brief, like a whiskey shot or a kiss.

  12. coalblack Says:

    I love that picture.

  13. coalblack Says:

    Though it IS sadly lacking in elephants.

  14. grapeling Says:

    brilliant, k. all of it ~

  15. mhwarren Says:

    Your images bring it all to life- a visceral memory.

  16. The image is beautiful. What passes for silence in snow is never really silent. I get that. The G-Man would be raining praises on you.

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