The Elephant of the Magi


The Elephant of the Magi

They always give the camels all the credit
(forgetting how they smell and nip and spit at–)
while it was me remembering all day bright
the star that showed our way the prior night.

A hard trip all in all, for kings can be
terribly terribly terribly uppity
and frankincense is not the cup of tea
of those who have a trunkal allergy–

But when I finally got us to the town
where that fledgling family’d gone to ground,
I found the trip was worth the camel stench,
and all the sneezes caused by frankincense.

There’s simply nothing like a newborn babe
to lift us from the suffering of our age,
to take away the sins of this, our world,
and make us hope that peace will still the sword.

So I forgave the Bactrian bite, the snort of king,
as heart and both my flapping ears took wing–
they always give the angels credit too
when (miraculously) it was I who flew,
hovering above that tiny little stable
just as softly as a pachyderm is able.


A Christmas poem for Kerry O’Connor’s mixed-up titles prompt on With Real Toads.  The above picture is a collaboration of Giotto and MDD (me!)   (The Adoration of the Magi). 

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9 Comments on “The Elephant of the Magi”

  1. Kerry O'Connor Says:

    And whose to say there was not an elephant on that journey? I loved your Christmas tale with your signature twist on the theme.

  2. hedgewitch Says:

    Delightful, k–and a winsome retelling of a formerly elephantless tale–after all, I do think somewhere it says something about all creatures great and small, be-humped or be-trunked, be-haired or be-bald. Merry Christmas and may the pachyderms never grow less in your house. ;_)

  3. Mama Zen Says:

    This is marvelous, K!

  4. Loved this…. it needs to be a kid’s book with wonderful illustrations.

  5. What a wonderful spin of the tale… Elephants have been to much ignored.. and I guess that if there were flying elephants it would be a true wonder… I smiled all the way through. Have a marvelous Holiday Karin.

  6. C.C. Says:

    This is such a charming retelling from an endearing perspective. Love it 🙂 And what a cute artistic addition to the Giotto!!

  7. coalblack Says:

    An elephant! of course! 🙂

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