Remembrance (Lessened) Of An Old Suffering


Remembrance (Lessened) Of An Old Suffering

You caress the other’s face,
making love, but some curve
of your knuckle, back
of your hand,
brushes your own eyelid, and
you can’t tell, for an instant, what
has touched you
where–whether hand or eye
felt that stroke, and whose hand,
and whose eye–
remembering too can be
like that,
with luck, time.


Here are 55 (minus title) that I hope are not too enigmatic for Marian’s Flash 55 prompt on With Real Toads. This poem has been edited since posting so maybe is a bit less enigmatic now. (The earlier version relied on the title more and just referred to remembering as “it” in the poem). 

I appreciate that the photo doesn’t exactly match the poem!  And that it probably is too “short,” cutting off trees. But I took it in my visually-impaired way the other day in upstate New York, and I very much like the crinkled ice at the bottom, the freeze happening on a windy night.

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16 Comments on “Remembrance (Lessened) Of An Old Suffering”

  1. Wonderful to feel so much a part of the other so you cannot tell if who is who.. sounds symbiotic almost. Indeed you are lucky if you feel that way.

  2. Kerry O'Connor Says:

    I think the cold crinkle of ice perfectly matches the mood you have captured in your poem. Such a tender spot is touched by your words… enough to bring a tear to the eye.

  3. Marian Says:

    ohhhh, yes it is like that. it really is. and stays.

  4. Susan Says:

    You picked the perfect gesture for that moment of grace. I think the ictureis right too–dark with light reflecting from or causing–cracking ice. I felt a soft breeze of enlightenment as I read.

  5. lolamouse Says:

    Time does that to memories. The feelings are not as sharp or clear but some muddled inkling of something. Just perfect.

  6. Intimate and beautiful. I love the shapes found in ice forming. 🙂

  7. C.C. Says:

    Very thoughtful words and the photograph is beautiful…love the focus you chose for it.

  8. Margaret Says:

    Sweetly sentimental and … is it forgiving? Lovely.

  9. So beautiful to be this close to another…

  10. Remembering can be exactly like that! Perfectly drawn. Memory can be such a cloudy issue, In scenes I’ve always thought of myself as the main event it would seem I’m not.

  11. grapeling Says:

    beguiling. Galen would have loved it… ~

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