How It Can Be (Not Such a Nice Microcosm)


How It Can Be

She cried so hard face hurt,
loss pulling skin
as if cheeks were limbs,
brow tied to ropes
that warred with bound chin,
as if pain rode horses,
each chained to its own course,
all whipped.


Here’s a belated and rather gloomy draft poem for Brian Miller’s micro poetry challenge on dVerse Poetry Pub–40 words or less–this just makes it with title.  (Granted, it’s not such a good title, but it does fit into the prompt!)  

p.s. drawing is mine, though an old one that doesn’t quite fit.  All rights reserved, thanks. 

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14 Comments on “How It Can Be (Not Such a Nice Microcosm)”

  1. billgncs Says:

    it is really sad!

  2. 😦 geeze I feel for that person’s face… the imagery is dope. The brows tied to warred chains is pretty clever 🙂

  3. brian miller Says:

    drawn and quartered…yikes….

  4. Bryan Ens Says:

    Sounds like a lot of grief.

  5. Susan Says:

    yikes. and yet–add in exhaustion–and I know exactly what you mean. naming it helps. Thank you!

  6. Sumana Roy Says:

    portrait of pain in words…

  7. lynndiane Says:

    The pain is deeply evident in your poem…and drawing.

  8. When sadness has gone into physical pain – when tears burn like that. That’s real sadness,

  9. kaykuala Says:

    Pain and sadness combining together can be quite a bother! Nicely K!


  10. hedgewitch Says:

    Very effective imagery, k–I esp. like ‘ if pain rode horses..’ One of the strengths/challenges of short poetry is to completely say or show a pungent image or thought–well done here.

  11. claudia Says:

    the pain is palpable…the pain riding horses is a powerful image… and i think the drawing fits well

  12. I think sometimes we need to have that kind of cry–if I remember correctly, the Mayan word for tumor was something about tears held in. Nicely expressed.

  13. Polly Says:

    Wondrous imagery here, k. Love it in its sadness…

  14. Very effective imagery here. Great job

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