Re-animating July 2011

Two wonderful poetry blogs are celebrating their three year anniversaries this week–dVerse Poets Pub and With Real Toads. I have not written a new poem yet for dVerse’s celebration, but Kerry O’Connor of Real Toads has offered participants an opportunity to pick some piece from their archive.  I went back to look at what I was doing on this blog in July 2011 – and believe it or not–I had just discovered an app that allows you to make little animations on the iPad and was rather obsessed by it. (I had not yet discovered dVerse or Toads.)

None of my animations are terribly good–but these two sort of went together and one of them has words! And the other a kind of beat and a swallow. (Does that make them spoken–errr–swallowed word pieces? )

At any rate:



Thanks to both dVerse and Toads==k.

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10 Comments on “Re-animating July 2011”

  1. b_young Says:

    Neruda–something smooth and wealthy with fats, but with a strong sense of the underlying udder.

  2. brian miller Says:

    ha. i will join you in pepper jack…and maybe a political thriller…or fantasy novel for me please….cute k.

  3. Books and cheese- sounds good to me!

  4. You are so enterprising, karin. Was your own little doggie the inspiration for these animations? Mine loves cheese and is a good reading companion.

  5. hedgewitch Says:

    Absolutely love these, k–and the second (agatha christe/pepper jack) is just exactly my own two favorite things–well, sometimes Sayers/ice cream, too–just delightful. And very glad you discovered dVerse and real toads so that I can indulge my addiction to your poetry. Hope your week is not driving you insane.

  6. These are so fun, Karin. Can’t beat dogs, cheese and mysteries!

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