Hobby Lobbied (2)

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Hobby Lobbied (2)

The fact is
they are not
paying for your birth control;
they are paying for
your services.

You sort, you stack, you stand
at counters, sit
at desks, taking grief
and making change
from appointed hour
for many hours.
You climb ladders,  you go
to the back;
you do what you
are asked, within reason, it’s
your job.

Their job
is to pay you-
did you really think
they were giving you something?

The pay of that man who works across from you,
the one who’s super sweet, except for all
the sweat,
includes health care covering his prostate, and also what’s
next to his prostate,
medication for his football injuries and his earlier onset
heart disease–

But birth control–well, the operative word is

They think the world was better
when you were more firmly under

As if you work
just to feel freer.
(Yeah, from debt).

As if–
if they can just pay you less–
like they have
for so many years–
the world will turn back
into something it never actually was.
They think that world was something they liked
because they were so much smaller when they imagine
it to have existed,
and they felt safe
when they were small
and knew little.

Another Hobby Lobby poem–sorry to be on a rant.  I’ve actually written a poem on a completely different subject, which I’ll likely post later tonight/tomorrow. 

But this case is still on my mind and I expect on many people’s.  My Hobby Lobby 1 poem may be found here.  The photograph above is by Christina Martin. 



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5 Comments on “Hobby Lobbied (2)”

  1. brian miller Says:

    oy, i think the old guard is clinging tightly to a world that is already beyond them…its the machine we have let go on as well in government…not sure what we can do to change it though.

    • ManicDdaily Says:

      I am old fashioned enough to think we CAN do something–voting in mid-term elections, voting in local elections–of course, voting in big elections–speaking out against gerrymandering–where they’ve mucked up all the districts–speaking out–I think the Supreme Court is actually very sensitive to political currents–anyway–agh! You teach–that’s huge. k.

  2. Lila Says:

    This issue is really upsetting to think about. The operative word “control.”

    Glad you got this off your chest.

  3. hedgewitch Says:

    I could rant on this for quite awhile, but I totally agree that in essence it does indeed boil down to control. Corporations–our bosses–already have quite a bit of control over us, because we all need our jobs, but it never seems to be enough–thanks for speaking out, k.

    • ManicDdaily Says:

      Thanks. I hesitated to be so repetitious as moving on in poetry at least, but I think the point, that I read explained in a much better way in the Times, about the benefits being part of the wage packet is a good one. It really is simply unequal pay.

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