I seed and I believe (writing poems)


I seed and I believe (in writing poems)

It’s like planting
an echo.
I set down in rows, words–
they want to be heard,
to sprout sounds that will carry,
to wind their way
to some stray mind, to say
I’m here–
and for that mind to reply
oh, there you are–
somehow grounding us both–
those words flying
through pleine air-
propelled at times
by the kickstart
of metered feet,
other times just flapping
for all they’re worth.

Draft poem for Shanyn’s prompt on dVerse Poets Pub about what we’d like our poems to seed.

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19 Comments on “I seed and I believe (writing poems)”

  1. brian miller Says:

    first, nice use of pleine air…ha…i used that in a short story competition once….i like the seeding of an echo as well…ever bouncing out and back…ha. i like mine flapping…smiles.

  2. claudia Says:

    smiles you know.. i prefer them flapping wild instead of being tied to metered feet… oh the sowing of words that grow into poems…i like

  3. vandana Says:

    Lovely !!! may these seeds spread far and wide.

  4. MD, you had me at that title, so damned funny! And the first line, “like seeding an echo,” hooked me (and I’ll bet every reader) from the get-go. Pleine air, ha ha ha. Brill! Amy

  5. Oh, there you are! I love these glimpses of your heart. We’ll flap around together, shall we?

  6. I love the thought of planting an echo.. And wether flapping or metered depends on the soil and the seed –

  7. hedgewitch Says:

    Great phrasing in the opening–surely our poems are indeed the sprouts of the echos within–really a classic concept–and the whole poem has great vitality, as appropriate to the context of seed and garden. I also like the idea that they are our flags(flapping made me think of flags–I know you don’t actually use that word) mutually set out in a verbal/mental solidarity that trumps bloody symbols of state.

  8. Susan Says:

    Love. I believe in the echoes you/we plant, too, whether metered or flapping. The grounding is welcome. (Do you need the word “somehow”?)

    • ManicDdaily Says:

      You are right, I probably do not. All the punctuation seems a bit tortured–I wrote it last night walking in mid-town and think it really is a draft. k.

  9. shanyns Says:

    Love how this is so alive! Wonderful.

  10. Karin, you’ve really highlighted the connection between seeds and words in such a wonderfully written poem. I so enjoyed the image of seeds/words as echoes.

  11. this one is so apt for the “seeding” idea…..loved it…….

  12. Brendan Says:

    Planting an echo, yes, a garden of sounds … magnificent metaphor. I think of poems sent off on the wind to others that someone might hear, but the notion of planting them offers so much more sustenance. Thanks.

  13. Love this! What a wonderful description of the art of writing poetry!

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