(W)riffing on W (Not Bush)

(W)riffing on W (Not Bush)

What words (do I wait upon)
to work wonders?

What words
to wrangle
from wishful winking
weal world well-being;
to wend us west
of woe;
to not warfare
our Womeos,
to wreck war-mongering (wanting not

to even, when whirled whichaway,
make magic–

“We, women…”

Here’s a rather silly one for some late day of April, National Poetry Month, posted for the prompt of Marian (of Runaway Sentence)  on With Real Toads, to use the letter “w”.   Hannah had a specific list which was just too hard for me to use on this late day of April; I’ve tried to comply, however, with the letter, as well as the spirit of the prompt. 

I think/hope women’s empowerment worldwide may be a huge force for positive change  this century.  That said, I do understand that women are a VERY diverse group, and I know that some can certainly be just as warmongering and egotistical as men!  (I still have hope for them though!)  

The above video is the reposting of super brief clip of a woman reading at a poetry slam held for a women’s labor collective called SEWA (Self-Employed Women’s Association), founded by the very remarkable labor leader, activist, community organizer, revolutionary thinker, Ela Bhatt,  in Ahmedabad, India.   I do not know the name of the woman reading.  (She is not Ela, whose picture is below.)   All the women on the stage are SEWA members. 

Ela Bhatt of SEWA (Ahmedabad, Gujerat) (photo by Manicddaily)

Ela Bhatt of SEWA (Ahmedabad, Gujerat) (photo by Manicddaily)

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19 Comments on “(W)riffing on W (Not Bush)”

  1. Grace Says:

    I believe in the power of women coming together for a purpose or a vision ~ Very creative and meaningful words, K ~

  2. jo-hanna Says:

    Don’t think this is silly – impressively up-to-date and modern in fact. Well done.

  3. hedgewitch Says:

    Not too silly–just silly enough, and quite clever as well. I knew i would be lost in woo-woo sounds if I tried this–you did good. Four more and we’re done, girl.

  4. CC Champagne Says:

    Oh, were we supposed to stick to the list? I never even realized. But I did realize that I liked this poem very much! Nice job!

  5. charleenm Says:

    This has so many wonderful W words. Nice!

  6. Helen Says:

    You HAD me with the title of your very clever peom!!!!

  7. This was a lot of fun, but informative too. Good to hear about women around the globe, working together for common good.

  8. humbird Says:

    Anyway, the inspiration – always from women, all deverse! Love the spirit of the video!

  9. Karen S. Says:

    Wow, when words whirled whichaway,a wonderful world and poem too!

  10. Wonderful words about “We, women”…..

  11. grapeling Says:

    as Wawrence Welk would say, wunnerful wunnerful 🙂 ~

  12. Women are beginning to sense the need for unity..they need the added strength in a world that still devalues them.

  13. Marian Says:

    yes, yes! yes.

  14. If we women could wreck war mongering- what a wonderful accomplishment!

  15. janehewey Says:

    “We, women….” a great showcase for “w”. to wend us west/ of woe;/to not warfare/ our Womeos — esp. clever. Your opening question ties in so wonderfully with the sentiment that we women can make a positive change in this century … worldwide, whirled whichaway.

    • ManicDdaily Says:

      Thanks, Jane. The which away was somehow supposed to get to the idea of turning upside down and becoming M. Which now that I think about it could stand for male. Haha. (And not necessarily magic.). (Except for many!). I realize how insulted I would feel if they wrote about me as I write of them! Oh well. Thanks always.


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