Wisteria is what I feel
when wistfulness, steamed and congealed,
clusters in its grape-bunched flowers
redolent of bygone hours–
times life was pink (or lavender)
and certainty sure provender–
like clover for the honey bee,
my future then so matched to me.

But on time’s wingéd chariot
came self-doubt with a lariat
lassoing me with slipknot noose
never truly letting loose;
the blossoms that once seemed so pink
turned filmy in the kitchen sink;
the lavender that paled the buds
washed paler still in wilted suds.

Now, when the horses that keep guard
of the wingéd chariot’s yard
o’errun the gate, tromp down the hay,
let acceptance sneak a holiday–
oh, then, wisteria flowers afresh
perfuming with sweet bitter breath,
and I regret and I reform
until those horses fly me home.


Here’s a very strange poem for the 11th day of National Poetry Month and Hannah’s prompt on With Real Toads about Wisteria. Neither of the above or below pics is truly of wisteria!  (But maybe close enough!)



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9 Comments on “Wisteria”

  1. margaret Says:

    the bouquet of our youth does look a bit different now – but if I close my eyes, I can sometimes remember.. Very interesting slant on this challenge.

  2. Polly Says:

    Pretty poem and pictures – lovely

  3. It’s nice that you picked images to go with the poem – pretty!

  4. hedgewitch Says:

    This is just really neat, k. Writing about flowers is fraught with the peril of cliche, and here you avoid any hint of that, while turning quotes into your own little souvenirs, and tropes on their heads. I love the lariat/chariot rhyme, and also the way the narrator seems to weave herself with the flower, in and out of life stages. I also like the horses mixed in there–they add a vitality and sparkle that the passivity of flowers, however beautiful, lacks. And oh,btw– twelve down, girl! ;_)

    • ManicDdaily Says:

      Thanks. It’s been actually okay this year as I’ve just put up what I come up with. The prompts do help a lot too, I think, even if one doesn’t always use them. Thanks as always for your very kind and thoughtful support. Much appreciated. K.

  5. brian miller Says:

    interesting play on wisteria…i try to keep self doubt at bay but it finds me on occassion….

    thanks for checking on me…just took the last 48 hours to live a bit offline…smiles.

  6. I love the song-like quality to this and the wistful tone.

    Beautiful work…

    Thank you for joining!

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