Tight Spot

Parallel Parked


Tight Spot

She’d angled it in
looking at a mirror,
fixing parallels, nosing
fended bangs,
but the thumping that she thought
had been the road
still thundered,
the heart refusing to be parked
the uncurbed heart.

Here’s first draft poem for April, for Mama Zen hosting Words Count at With Real Toads. She asks for a poem that will surprise her in 37 words or less–

April is the cruelest month, or the most fun, or some mixture of the aforesaid, for those interested in poetry. It is National Poetry Month, a time in which some tortured people inexplicably decide that they should pull a new poem from their pocket every single day. Real Toads is planning to offer an assortment of prompts every day this month for those interested in testing their resolve but also needing inspiration.

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11 Comments on “Tight Spot”

  1. .. the uncurbed heart. I love that but I am a sucker for an excellent metaphor.

  2. Brian Miller Says:

    interesting pic k…and interesting tie as well to our interelations…the heart refusing to parked or curbed…nice…think you could have the same effect without that last line…or make it the title…

  3. hedgewitch Says:

    You really packed this one,k( parallel packed?) Lots of stuff going on in thirty-seven measly words…I also love the uncurbed heart(reminds me of me learning to park in San Francisco and sliding oh so gradually downhill) and the fended bangs, too. Welcome to the madness. ;_)

  4. I LOVE the uncurbed heart!

  5. Sumana Roy Says:

    uncurbed heart..nice..

  6. margaret Says:

    Yes, the last line isn’t necessary as you did a GREAT job describing it

  7. ayala Says:

    Karin, I love this.

  8. Mama Zen Says:

    The “uncurbed heart.” I really love that.

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