Colony Collapsed


Colony Collapsed

To bee or not to bee?
That’s a question
we seem to have answered here
where there is no sting,
where our victory is
so grave and where
we buzz buzz buzz.

Sadly my computer is on the blink (or not blink–it’s dark) so posting from iPhone. Luckily, the challenge is to write something with less than 140 characters excluding spaces–micro-poetry for a macro photograph. This is for Shanyn Silinski at dverse poets pub. Shanyn has beautiful pictures of bees which I could not get to load on my phone so I’m using one of my own pics. Check out dverse for Shanyn’s beautiful albums.

PS Poor bees.

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17 Comments on “Colony Collapsed”

  1. Brian Miller Says:

    hopefully the bees are around for a bit more.
    though dangerous…my wife is allergic…
    death where is your sting? smiles.
    nice play on that and with the use of grave…

  2. rmp Says:

    while I don’t much care for there stinger…they are a precious little creature that let’s me know spring is in the air. I like the opening line…quite perfect really.

  3. claudia Says:

    to bee or not to bee…i will remember this all summer me thinks..ha…cool… and i heard that the number of bees dwindles seriously…not good for the balance in nature..but we’ve damaged lots of things already…ugh

  4. lynndiane Says:

    Lovely photo…helps us to “bee” aware of their plight…we need the bees for pollinating crops, fruit trees…not to mention honey!

  5. lucychili Says:

    there is a wild hive near here, may they live long and prosper

  6. Poor bees indeed. Sorry about your computer problems – I hope they’re soon fixed.

  7. Snakypoet (Rosemary Nissen-Wade) Says:

    This photo is good though, and the message serious through the word-play.

  8. MarinaSofia Says:

    Completely agree with you – I am very fond of bees, would ideally like a whole mountain plateau filled with flowers and forests for a few hives of my own. Amazing what you’ve managed to do despite the technological challenges!

  9. Truedessa Says:

    When I see a bee I smile..we need them as they maintain balance in nature and they do make some sweet honey.

  10. ayala Says:

    Nice, Karin. I hope your troubles with your computer get better.

  11. billgncs Says:

    no bee, no honey, that stings 🙂

    This was a fun poem

  12. Bodhirose Says:

    We have many in our yard…we have many flowers and they seem to completely ignore us…no stings…so far. Hate to think of a colony collapsing…

  13. The prescensce of bees is a great reminder that we will also have cherries or apples later on.. and I’d like the bee to be…

  14. shanyns Says:

    I love your words, and that is a cool shot. Bees are so important, I long for them each spring. Thanks for joining in, and doing so in the face of tech challenges! 🙂

  15. Abhra Pal Says:

    Hey Karin, absolutely enjoyed the fun effect you created in here. Smiles.

  16. This “bee” wonderful. I like all your classical allusions. Such fine short verse!

  17. lovely words and pic! Nice compromise form the phone- thank God when one tecnology fails we are held up by another, eh? 😉

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