New Output (pics)








Feeling a bit more comfortable (and well-fed) at legal conference I am attending.  I still mainly stand against a back wall sketching as I listen and hoping people think that I am taking voluminous notes.  (It is not, in fact, a bad way to listen as while sketching you are not, for example, checking you iPhone.)

Your encouragement from yesterday was most kind, and made me feel much less lonely here. Thanks.

PS – pictures posted not very well from phone – if you suspect you are not seeing the whole image, such as it is, please just click on it.

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8 Comments on “New Output (pics)”

  1. grammalynn Says:

    I wish I could have drawn pictures or even stared at the ceiling instead of having my eyes glued to the speaker and waiting for them to fall out! Hang in there !

  2. Steve King Says:

    I love these. Here’s hoping you attend more conferences…

  3. brian miller Says:

    hey i would take a hug from a bear…smiles…whats going on in the third pic…my first thought was crowd surfing….and is that you in the first day dreaming elephants? smiles…

  4. Quickly Says:

    Was that a bear hug? She looks a little uncomfortable; I thought maybe he was her boss.

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