A Little Wrung Out Before Christmas!

I Have Seeds On My Feet

I Have Seeds On My Feet

Not Quite Ready For Christmas (Maybe)

I sit here December 23rd
in the mind of a dishrag,
not of the holiday sort
with pines and stars
in my threads–rather, one of the loosely cross-hatched,
the sort-of plaids, that sad batch
of the soggy sagged
with distended stripes and nothing
of the crystalline (not even to wipe)
about me.

Dish rags have their uses,
I tell myself–they too stand…slump
before the Lord–

I’m not sure what Lord–one, I suppose,
who passes out loaves and fishes
on plates–

But then, as a wind gust bangs
a window, I see this Lord
as a babe, cheeks round with pablum laughter, High tray
in need of a wash–
and I begin to smile, finding even
a spoon somewhere,
you lying next to me through
the whole of
these long nights–


A sort of poem for the solstice and for those (like myself) not yet on holiday.  (Moan!)  (And I know the cookie doesn’t quite fit!  It’s an old cookie!) (Moan!) 

Have a wonderful holiday yourselves!  And thanks so much for your kind support throughout this past year and this whole blog. This is amazingly my 1700th post.  I am linking it to With Real Toads open link night.  

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21 Comments on “A Little Wrung Out Before Christmas!”

  1. vandana Says:

    the spirit is never old!!

  2. claudia Says:

    oh i love that cookie…smiles… and often i’m running into christmas a bit breathless and with all the last day’s business still on me…yet what always soothes me is that back then it was a lot of stress for mary and joseph as well and not at all very festive and contemplative… a bit of a messy night… and that’s just after my own heart…ha…smiles… merry christmas to you k!

  3. That is a unique cookie. Who wants them all the same. Love this honest side of pre-Christmas spirit. It can be a running time…a time when you empathise with that rag by the kitchen sink. But as you get older, as I am, the tree gets smaller, the “must do’s”diminish, and, by some miracle, Christmas becomes a smiling time again at a walking pace. (I have even crossed shopping malls off my list. A no go zone.. Give me the little special surprises in the seaside village shop any day.)

    • ManicDdaily Says:

      Agreed. My stress at the moment is not really related to Christmas, but end-of-year things associated with the kind of job I do. But I appreciate your wisdom–my Christmas “must-do” list has definitely diminished! Which has both a good and bad side–I miss a bit of that excitement–but not the commercial part! Thanks, Gemma. K.

  4. I have not really been in the Christmas spirit myself this year – also burnt out from the year’s work, so your words resonate with me.

    I love your gingerbread man, and his seeds for shoes 🙂

    • ManicDdaily Says:

      Ha. One of my daughters made the gingerbread man–a couple of years ago actually–old pic–as we did not have a chance to make cookies this year. (Agh. Just as well, since there’s been a wave of gluten intolerance in my family!) k.

  5. barbara_y Says:

    Seeds are good, Cookie. Substantial. Great job putting over that dish-sheveled feeling.

  6. lynndiane Says:

    And I thought my mother was the only one who said she felt like a dishrag at times! So comforting that the Lord loves us…old, odd cookies that we are 🙂

  7. Mama Zen Says:

    Exactly how I feel this year!

  8. hedgewitch Says:

    Well, imho, Christmas sucks, but if you can find a little pablum, a laugh and a spoon, or even get some seeds on your feet, more power to ya! I hesitate to say anything about the way the cookie…you know, does that thing. ;_) (I love the image of that high tray) Happiest of holidays to you, k, when it finally gets here.

  9. Kay Davies Says:

    Love the poem, love the old cookie, and I know there are people who have to work right up until, or during, the holiday season. The rest of us should appreciate you more, and now you know you are at least appreciated by toads.
    Merry Christmas, lowercase-k, from uppercase-K.

  10. I love the cookie, and the mental image of the pablum-cheeked baby! and what a blessing to have someone lying next to you through all the long nights………have a wonderful Christmas.

  11. Brendan Says:

    I laughed when I read the title, thinking immediately of John Lennon singing “I have blisters on me fingers!” — And the poem had the same sort of cool exhaustion to it, holiday blues as inimical to the season as the pines and stars that get thrown at us, are the wind of the times. And you go out dancing. High fives to you.

  12. brian miller Says:

    hahaha what a cool cookie…the holidays will def put you in mind of a dishrag…and all can be lost in the shuffle…good to have that solid spoon to turn to in the end eh? smiles.

  13. Jamie Dedes Says:

    Love the cookie. Something endearing about it and so totally relate to the poem. Be well …

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