What Sometimes Happens to Writers/Readers – Flash Friday 55


What Sometimes Happens To Writers/Readers

One dives into the drown
of too-late, murk stretched
as longing as the I can see–

Notted growths choke stroke.
Still–as if time could be unhanded, sands
listen, effort alone mangle
the foregone–
one pushes
until despair bears words
that carry the oxygen
of their own utterance;
short breaths and
possible is again.


Yes, I am trying not to blog and work on other things–but I couldn’t resist the call of the G-man.  I thought this also fit with Anna Montgomery’s challenge on dVerse Poets Pub to write something avant garde. I don’t think it is terribly avant garde, but the word usage is unusual for me.   Photo is weird pic of mine–not quite right for poem, but just one I liked.  (As always, all rights reserved.)

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20 Comments on “What Sometimes Happens to Writers/Readers – Flash Friday 55”

  1. hedgewitch Says:

    Well, I love the photo and it seems to go well here with your musings on the despair of creation, the ‘dive into the drown.’ So much lives in that dark pool, waiting for us to find the way to access it, birth it, free it, but the road, or the swim, always seems to be through darkness…obviously there’s more in the birth analogy than one thinks. Glad to see you take a short break from responsibility to 55. Sometimes we have to play with words to work with them. ;_)

    • ManicDdaily Says:

      Thanks- -the photo oddly taken through a garage window. Ha. The poem darker and probably more likeable in earlier version (or with more, you know, “wow” aspect) but too dark, my husband thought, so let my overly analytical side take over–k.

  2. ds Says:

    Diving into the drown. So true. The photo is perfect–deliciously atmospheric. Wouldn’t it be nice if time could be “unhanded”–what might we do with its respooling? I agree with hedgewitch; there is much, so much in the birth/rebirth analogy, and to end with hope: “possible is again”. Very right, this. Very (again) true. Thank you.

  3. Brian Miller Says:

    nice…i think you have captured a bit of what happens when our art starts to choke us out a bit….the effort alone mangling the foregone…like that line as well k…nice vividity…see i dont even know if that is a word…smiles.

  4. Mama Zen Says:

    “as longing as the I can see–”

    That is just damn cool.

  5. janehewey Says:

    it seems to me that your temporary breaks lead to gem-like poetic discoveries. I love the mood of this poem and also enjoy the twisty nature of the lines. Your first stanza is strongly compelling… too-late murk stretched feels darkly familiar (i feel i’ve been there) and your last line as refreshing as moon. love the pic, too.

  6. Sherry Marr Says:

    The photo is spooktacular. Wow! And I love the poem completely.

  7. Anonymous Says:

    Love it. Seems like you are writing into other dimensions than the familiar ones. For example, “. . . effort alone mangle
    the foregone–” — where “effort” is plural.

    • ManicDdaily Says:

      Well, I may be in other dimensions–but the “effort” here is intended to be another clause of “as if… could” so it is some form of subjunctive I think (the idea being– as if time could be unhanded, as if sands could listen, as if effort could mangle….) Part of the constraint here arose from the 55 word limit–a G-man imposed limitation which has its own difficulties but also rewards. Aside from a visit from the G-man, it is an interesting discipline. Here, without it, I think I would have included another “as if” and “could” for the sake of clarity. Thanks though for our close reading. k.

  8. claudia Says:

    sometimes i think we dive deep into our art… maybe to the point of drowning as well.. i think the pic and your words go well together – and it def. has an avantgarde feel a bit..

  9. Galen Haynes Says:

    You are PLENTY avant garde Karin.
    But you left your “I did a 55” declaration on my THURSDAY comment box!! If you see this please come back and post it in the correct spot.
    All that said…
    I loved your 55!!!
    Thank you so much for doing one in view of your busy schedule.
    You are a PEACH!
    Have a Kick Ass Week-End

  10. grapeling Says:

    your breaks are more productive than some people’s “on’s”, k 🙂

  11. Ha! such an animated voice for the inanimate ! You’re great ! Faithfully Debbie xo

  12. This is a stark and claustrophobic piece that works very well. I just saw Gravity and there’s something of that feeling here, of both an expanse and contraction, great beauty and deadliness.

  13. Margaret Says:

    The rake in the window gives the silhouette an erie feel! Adore “as if time could be unhanded”. (Have you stopped blogging? ha ha)

  14. I understand the need to blog less. I just came back from a blog-less summer. I agree with above commenters, Anna and Margaret. Not much else to add except that I love “diving into the drown”. Pretty much what can happen to writers, if we let it.

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