When the Bloom’s Gone


When the Bloom’s Gone

I knew for certain when we wed
we’d make our bed in a dandelion head.
Even cowslips were too darn costly
for those who lived on kisses mostly.
For all that ever touched my lips
were yours and, with them, arms and hips,
and all those bits that make us whole,
the byways traveled to the soul.

We hungered so for lovers’ food
we met in fields aside the wood
to feast ourselves upon a meal
not yet stamped by church’s seal.

Now you have gone and I remain
with only tatters of dandelion mane.
I drape them on my arms and hips
but would find more cover in cowslips.

My name’s been dragged full through the mud;
my story fodder for gossips’ cud–
they tell me that a widow’s weeds
would have far better filled my needs

but I remember nights in bed
with auraed spore just overhead
like wisps of cloud and star at once–
oh yes, they’ve shredded these cold months–
yet still I wait in balding home,
edged by dry and sharp rhizome,
for to taste once more your love
with dandelion sky above.

Here’s a poem for dVerse Poets Pub Poetics prompt by Claudia Schoenfeld featuring the cool digital images of Catrin Welzstein, one of which may be seen above. (More of Catrin’s work may be found at http://catrinwelzstein.blogspot.de)

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32 Comments on “When the Bloom’s Gone”

  1. claudia Says:

    oh heck…what sweet and passionate love and then the fall… sounds like serious things happened and yet the longing for this time still strong… love can be tenacious like that…

  2. janehewey Says:

    The whole poem has ageless charm, as does the image. I especially enjoyed the last stanza– balding home and sharp rhizome, excellent roll on the tongue. I like the bold tone you’ve given this love story.

  3. Beautiful rhyming verses K ~ The longing is strong in the last stanza:

    yet still I wait in balding home,
    edged by dry and sharp rhizome,
    for to taste once more your love
    with dandelion sky above.

  4. Waltermarks Says:

    Those spores are just so elusive, one whiff of the wind and they’re off. Good inspiration, for a sad subject.

  5. brian miller Says:

    absolutely delightful k….wonderful rhythm and near rhyme….enchanting…as the story as well…and some things are just worth it you know…love being one of them…no matter what happens…even if you have to live off those kisses…smiles.

  6. hedgewitch Says:

    Very old school at times, ballad-like, yet full of a clear clean light the older forms often were too ornate, too baroque, to incorporate or appreciate. I also like the mix of a conversational tone, and a sort of bardic one, and the culminating last run-together bit, (which may just be formatting, but it does make the last section stand out) where all the dandelion fluff that is too skimpy for cover suddenly becomes ‘auraed spores’ and golden dandelion sky. Very original, delicate and adroit piece, k–liked it much.

    • ManicDdaily Says:

      Thanks. I’m a bit scared to check formatting now! (Ha!) (I’ve been out a bit. But I did not want four line stanzas so hopefully okay.) Take care, k.

    • ManicDdaily Says:

      Yes–I was worried about the mix of the conversational and the old school/bardic as you call it–whether to go all in one direction. I finally decided that it was too affected to be all Bardic, but at the same time, I couldn’t resist at the end. I can’t quite look at it today for some reason, but will think about it again, I’m sure, at some point. k.

      • hedgewitch Says:

        I think it was well-balanced between the two styles and worked fine, k. I know exactly what you mean about not being able to look at it. After I am through getting one up and fiddling with it, I can’t think about re-editing it for quite awhile, if ever.

      • ManicDdaily Says:

        Yes, the whole process is very interesting. There’s one stanza here that I added and I would cut I think and a couple of lines I substituted last minute — the others too sexually suggestive in a way that might seem funny–who knows?

        Sometime I should probably put up two versions of something to get the feedback, but you know, once you have made the choices, hard to look back for a while. k.

  7. Truedessa Says:

    This was lovely..We hungered so for lover’s food and living on kisses..enjoyed the rhyming..

  8. Mary Says:

    Awww, this is a very touching tale really!!

  9. Oh this is heartbrakingly bittersweet Karin.. love how you tied the dandelion to the beauty of being in love and making it despite being poor.. and loving form you did it so I had to read it aloud… love those fancyful and original rhymes too..

  10. Susan Chast Says:

    Poverty that puts one in dandelion land is rich when it gives “byways traveled to the soul” and helps one endure ostracizing, hunger and cold under strands of mane:
    “yet still I wait in balding home,
    edged by dry and sharp rhizome,
    for to taste once more your love
    with dandelion sky above.”

    What marvelous images. I wish I wrote this poem!

  11. Gabriella Says:

    I enjoyed the sweet nostalgia conveyed by your poem! A very moving piece.

  12. I have this rolling along in my head told to the strumming of a balladeer

  13. “I knew for certain when we wed
    we’d make our bed in a dandelion head.” –oh, what a mix of love and tenderness and whimsy.

  14. Love the world of fantasy that this painting evoked for you, Karin. I had to skip the prompt yesterday…you know how it is. Things pile up and need attention.

  15. there is an exciting then longing the love/lover here… beautifully captured.
    “for to taste once more your love
    with dandelion sky above.”:

  16. I absolutely and utterly love this. For some reason, I have in mind a medieval lass and lad – it has an olde worlde feel to it.

  17. Who hasn’t swooned to such love and cherished it despite what comes after. This is so lovely and relatable.

  18. K, beside marvelous writing there’s a wondering mood mixed to assurances and assessments about what LOVE can be~ there’s a step by step measured dance, and something that should be kept close to ones breast for safekeeping ~ Gorgeous poetry !
    Faithfully D

  19. Mama Zen Says:

    I love it! The rhyme works splendidly and there must definitely be bonus points for using “rhizome.”

  20. margaret Says:

    No regrets (even though others seem to say she should)… a tale as old as time, I think…

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