“The Elephant In The Room” (Anaphora)


The Elephant in the Room

There’s an elephant fills a lot of rooms–
(‘cause even when elephant hides, he looms–)
This elephant’s as elephant as elephants can be
(no shrimpy shrunken trunk has he).

Fellow roomers ape that they don’t see
the elephant squashing their settee,
the elephant slurping afternoon tea–
(by the bye, Earl Grey’s his favorite brew–
though bancha slips down smoothly too),
but see they do, though throats go dry
whene’er that pachyderm’s derm is nigh.

All wings fold flat, all steps mince small
“cause elephant don’t leave room at all
for swaying sleeves or dancing pants–
no, all free space is the elephant’s.

But sometimes roomers got to breathe.
Though O2 won’t make elephant leave,
they find when they straight-elephant talk,
that elephant beat retreat to sulk–
Down in a corner, down in a crack-
and folks can take their parlor back.

Soon, tail’s a tassle, hump’s a knob,
elephant tea’s left on the hob–
Sure, traces linger of elephant smell
but if folks try to cover it too damn well,
sharpen it will to a great big whiff
that signifies a new trunk’s sniff–
the trunk of an elephant come to stay
in its elephant elephant elephant way.


I’m calling it a draft poem because it’s new and I’m a bit too tired to truly analyze rhyme and meter, so here’s a draft for dVerse Poets Pub’s Meeting the Bar prompt by the wonderful Victoria Slotto on Anaphora, which means the use of a repeated word. Followers know I have a thing about elephants – though I’m not sure they belong in rooms–

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31 Comments on ““The Elephant In The Room” (Anaphora)”

  1. brian miller Says:

    ha. fun play on the elephant in the room….yes, it does not leave mu room for movement…or oxygen…and lets be honest they are a little large to cover up…ha…rhyme scheme works well…ah i like my earl grey as well…and ha you use elephant 3 times in one line…i like…smiles…not once but twice…

  2. Maybe a bigger room? I would not want to be there when his Earl Gray got things going. This was so fun, Karin. And I’m so glad you chose the elephant. Besides, it’s just such a good metaphor.

  3. grapeling Says:

    K – that’s some elefun right there. (groan.) Love the drawing. ~ M

  4. janehewey Says:

    I admire your easy voice, meter, flow. One of the reasons why I love your writing so much… you completely own the topic. inside, outside, upside-down. so much to enjoy here. I would not ask this elephant to leave, would in fact brew another pot of Earl Grey.

  5. claudia Says:

    nice… i think we all know people that don’t leave much space for others in a room…even when they’re quite small physically.. cool take and i’m not at all surprised that you use elephant as your anaphora…cool

  6. Susan Says:

    Fun! I imagine these room-filling elephants to be white elephants–both precious and too costly.

  7. Sherry Marr Says:

    I adore this, elephant-lover that I am – especially the closing lines. Just brilliant! And so much fun!

  8. vandana Says:

    Dreams too can be sometimes like an eleohant

  9. seingraham Says:

    As one who is all too familiar with these elephants in the room…and an elephant lover to boot…I couldn’t help appreciating your anaphora…well done.


  10. LaTonya Says:

    impressive draft. Please do repost if you edit. Theme heavy despite the tone. That requires talent. Well done.

  11. Mary Says:

    This makes me smile really, as I have often used the expression “ignoring the elephant in the living room.” Well, YOUR Earl Grey drinking elephant definitely is one that canNOT be ignored. And, ha, even when the elephant would leave, I have no doubt its scent would linger. Ewwwwww! Smiles.

  12. I like the elephant stampeding all over the verses K ~ Also marveled at the rhymes:

    Soon, tail’s a tassle, hump’s a knob,
    elephant tea’s left on the hob–

    Really enjoyed your creative turns ~


  13. I love this … elephants are great (but probably don’t fit in many room).. Rhymes and anaphora creates wonderful effects 🙂

  14. kaykuala Says:

    A wonderful twist to the whole thing! One can really go onto different levels with an elephant in the house! Nicely K


  15. Rowan Taw Says:

    A brilliant write….I like my space, no room for elephants with me (as much as I like them) : )

  16. hedgewitch Says:

    I love the sound and the twists and turns of the too big in the too small, and the elephant elephant elephant all. I leave the deeper meanings to a time when my brain is more fully functional.

  17. Tony Maude Says:

    Great fun, Karin. I was thinking about elephants for Kelvin’s poetics prompt last weekend, then didn’t get round to writing anything.

  18. roomers of elephants in the room – this is hilarious and fun and a pure delight! K

  19. I enjoyed the difference of proportion and, the inhaling and exhaling feeling of your imagination !

  20. G-Man Says:


    Patiently …..

    Because you are worth it…

    Have a Kick Ass Week End…. G

  21. Marya Says:

    Karin, this is so keenly observed and reported — really great! Cannot sweep that elephant under the rug, heh.

  22. Kalyan Says:

    lovely words…nice lines!

  23. It’s a nice bit of fun. I’m reminded of a book of elephant jokes I had as a kid.

  24. Lovely lighthearted images. I love elephants.

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