Happy Mother’s Day

Happy Mother's Day!

Memory of Back Seat of Car (Both as Mom and Child)

Yes, the image is sentimental.  But so are many happy memories.

A happy day to all who’ve held someone’s head in their lap, or had their head held.  (It was an experience that could even make carsickness feel okay, and a comfort that I, at least, have carried through my whole life.)

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8 Comments on “Happy Mother’s Day”

  1. hedgewitch Says:

    And a happy day to you, k.

  2. This is a day when what is sentimental has the green light. Lovely sketch, Karin. And happy Mother’s Day.

  3. I’m glad you extended this to all who have held a head in their lap since some of my most tender memories are of my single aunt.

  4. janehewey Says:

    i love this sketch! happy day, karin.

  5. I agree and relate to your words and sensitivity. xo Have a wonderful Mamas Day!

  6. Polly Says:

    A beautiful image and sentiments 🙂

  7. brian miller Says:

    smiles…said it on the previous one…but how could i resist again…happy mothers day…held my son for a bit today, just against my chest and he was being still mostly, only playful in pulling me close to look deep into my eyes…its was very cool…so not quite my lap, like i am not quite a mom…but i know…smiles.

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