Security Check


Lost whole post just now which makes sense. It was about the one thing one does not want to happen at a foreign airport.

Have your daughter randomly selected for total security check.

Thankfully not so bad as it sounds. They let me keep her company, which meant getting searched too. And in India, Searchers for ladies are ladies. Ours was super elegant as she pulled out every pair of dirty underwear and bagged toiletry, every item in fact from our tightly Packed bags.

We did not get upset though and all was very cordial. And once past it, i was able to find an Agatha christie at one of bookstores. Nothing like a mystery that has a solution for calming nerves.

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7 Comments on “Security Check”

  1. rebecca2000 Says:

    A good book makes everything better. I always get felt up by security. I think it is my lovely rack.

  2. hedgewitch Says:

    Yeek! Sounds nerve-wracking, but hopefully the worst is behind you now and it will be smooth flying. Dame Agatha is the mistress of supreme order and civilization in a world that apparently once made sense. Poirot and his little grey cells provide excellent therapy for all unsettled states, so finding her is a good sign.

  3. claudia Says:

    ah…i love agatha christie…just read through your last posts.. have a good and safe trip back k.

  4. Mama Zen Says:

    Yikes, that is scary! For a little touchy-feely, I highly recommend the airport in Baltimore.

  5. Good to see you were treated with respect ~ one hears such awful stories ~ though I’ve always found the security people OK ~ on your way home now k?

  6. janehewey Says:

    I’m glad you made the best of it. It sounds like you were treated respectfully. Random checks can be unnerving. Safe travels to you.

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