Fort Cochin–cooking with gas






Rushing from Internet to taxi to go to Keralan Backwaters, but in recovery from sickness, I feel I’ve not mentioned any of the wonderful things about Fort Cochin–primarily its beauty and the sweetness of its people — a very unusual mix of Catholics (from St. Thomas’s conversions of several centuries ago), Muslims, Hindus, and teeny teeny smattering of Jews from 2nd century (more on all this later.)

So while I still have the signal–patience seems to be in much greater supply here than electrical power–I wanted to post the above pictures. The beautiful girl is my daughter. Probably the coolest thing we’ve done is to take cooking classes with the wonderful Meera Leo of the Flavour Cooking School (more on that later too.) Meera really runs the “class,” but her very kind husband helped teach chapati making, and one of her little sons was also a frequent participant. The drawing is my attempted depiction of his climbing around from living room to cooking room to see what was up with us.

PS – the picture with Meera and my daughter shows them making Dosa.

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2 Comments on “Fort Cochin–cooking with gas”

  1. claudia Says:

    cooking lessons in awesome is this… a friend of mine lived in india for a while and she also loved their patience and also the doing things (like cooking) together even though for our western minds it seems to be “irrational” glad to hear you’re feeling better as well

  2. hedgewitch Says:

    Love these, k. They are full of life and the spirit of the place and people. Always good to learn some cooking skills in this world, too.

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