Holding On In Ahmedabad



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7 Comments on “Holding On In Ahmedabad”

  1. hedgewitch Says:

    Do they still make vespas? Amazing they all fit, whatever it is. That is a tired looking child on the back. Some things really are universal–I often notice the same look on the faces of children here, especially in shopping situations–totally exhausted and tuned out, drug around like baggage–though of course, this child may actually be perfectly happy.

    • ManicDdaily Says:

      I honestly think the boy’s negative expression comes from seeing us. There are not very many Western tourists in Ahmedabad, and one child started crying immediately on seeing us. This boy could tell I was doing something odd with my phone–also our rickshaw driver, teasing him, had reached out for something in his hand – so he was already unnerved by that.

      Usually the kids on the motobikes look quite passive and interested. k.

  2. janehewey Says:

    If I were one of these riders, metaphorically speaking, I would be the one holding the little-one not holding on. Great capture.

  3. vb holmes Says:

    I wonder how many more family members they could get in a phone booth….

  4. brian miller Says:

    wow…that is a bit scary…esp for the little ones…def a bit smaller than out mini vans eh? wonder if the kids still argue in the backseat…i wouldnt for fear of falling off…

  5. ds Says:

    Oh, that face!

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