More on Graffiti (Flash Friday 55)


70’s/80’s Soho/East Village Walls

Downtown so dim back then
that any pigment shone starry–
but they gave more than just
a break in grim brick –  SAMO’s
crown koans, Haring’s sweet-crawling
both dead before
middle-aged, like so many
in that drawing/drawn 80’s
NYC;  graffiti art leaves me now
disheartened, pains brain bit
at forehead’s wall.

55 late words for the G-Man.  The above is my trying-not-to-be-too-much-like-Keith-Haring-picture.

Still thinking about graffiti after the dVerse Poets prompt.  Graffiti art a bit sad for me, living in NYC in and out of 70’s/80;s–the age of SAMO (Jean-Michel Basquiat) and Keith Haring, both of whom made themselves known on the streets before becoming famous in the art world.  Jean-Michel died of a heroin overdose at age 27; Keith Haring of AIDS-related complications at 31.

One strange announcement in passing – this is my 1500th post on this blog.  A very great thanks to all of you who have read and commented.  Your support (and virtual friendship) has meant a very great deal to me.

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12 Comments on “More on Graffiti (Flash Friday 55)”

  1. janehewey Says:

    a break in grim black. exactly. expression is part of human nature and human nature has as a lot of “grim” to express. now I’ve just made a circle of words. anyway, your 55 says it a whole lot better.

    • ManicDdaily Says:

      Thanks so much, Jane. I think it’s grim brick but black may be better since there is much more black than true brick in downtown NYC. (Ha.) It was a very grim time in many ways, and black too–somehow seems so dark to me in memory but a lot of downtown at a low ebb back then – I lived in between Soho, Little Italy and the Bowery, basically – amazing how the area has changed. Thanks much. k.

  2. I like drawing/drawn 80s. I never got into graffiti much. Thanks for the glmpse of that NY you remember.

  3. G-Man Says:

    Don’t you get it?
    You are not an obligation , you are an honor!
    From your Art, from your Soul, from your unique perspective of life in the big city.
    Thank you for adding your touch of Class every week.
    Loved your powerful 55
    Thank You for your great effort that you always put into these. I know you are busy with life. Please have a Kick Ass Week End …

  4. Wow! Now that’s what I call a 1500th post 🙂 congrats k. nice one.

  5. brian miller Says:

    1500 wow that is awesome….you are a few ahead of me…smiles…pretty sad they both died so young…i guess though they followed their art…nice 55 k…have a good weekend…things settling at all post move for you?

    • ManicDdaily Says:

      Hi Brian – well, you know, I had hundreds of posts that no one read! Or very few people! I did not understand the way community worked as well as a much of other things–thank you for much.

      My move is a bit like a cat’s tail cut by inches rather than at one fell swoop. I am going by bits – this week was a big bit. I am in the lucky position of not having to “integrate” too much of what I am moving at this point as I am moving to a little house that is more or less furnished, so I’ve really put most things in a kind of very cold storage (a country garage) and will just take my time deciding what to do with them. It means it will drag on forever, but it is also not pressured at all. k.

  6. Now, this is wonderful–like where you went with it, sad but beautiful.

  7. claudia Says:

    the 1500th post …oh wow…this is awesome…and def. hear you on the artists…so many of them died way before their time under such sad circumstances

  8. David King Says:

    Charming write, it is really quite seductive, I thought.

  9. Deborah Says:

    too much [for me] anger, disrespect and revolution attitude in art styles that cause me a brokenheart. Great write !

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