Sandy Poem (In the Midst Of)

Sandy Poem (In the Midst Of )

Do you leave the windows open
(against a vacuum)
or closed (against
wet roar)?
Curtains?  Thin but, if pulled,
the mayor tells us, might catch

Still cake
has just been made; life
lets us eat it.

A rich cake, moist (though in this warped/wet
night, it feels somehow
dry too, yellow straight-edged
wedges able to keep
their shape
like sanity, sun).  We’ve left

the windows
open–small apartment
needing air – and for a while it’s the images
from the computer sweep
us, floods
fled, though every now
and again and now and
the here/now wind
shakes with
everything, unsettling
that sliver of sweetness that sits
so light upon my
stomach, that extra pinch
of crumbs I sneaked
as part of
my serving, dumb


Trying to pass time in storm – I am the kind of suggestive person whose stomach gets more than butterflies.  Agh. So here’s kind of a poem.  So worried about my City right now – complain about it plenty, but hate to see it down. 

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14 Comments on “Sandy Poem (In the Midst Of)”

  1. Charlotte Says:

    No, you never leave windows open. You barricade them with plywood and nails, not tape. I hope your place makes it through and you don’t come home to black mold and destroyed memories. xo

  2. David King Says:

    Remarkable that you can write such a fine poem in this voice and tone in the middle of what must be utter chaos. The introduction – and eating! – of the cake something to stand back and admire. Hope you all come through it safely. May you steal a lot more crumbs!

  3. brian miller Says:

    whew….woke up and having power back wanted to check on you…i hope that you are ok k…watching the news i have been def worried for you and hope all is well…i def understand the need for air as well…that calming feel on your face makes it feel much less claustrophobic…

  4. hedgewitch Says:

    The photos coming out now of your area(Battery Park?) and others are just devastating–so glad you made it out of there. And a fine poem to show for all the stress and anxiety on top of it. Yes, we need to enjoy our cake, and not call it bread and take it for granted.The contrast of the light and air/darkness and glass shards very effective, too. Best wishes getting through what will no doubt be quite a lengthy disruption of normal life, and painful rebuilding for your city, but so glad you are safe.

    • ManicDdaily Says:

      Thanks – yes, Battery Park looks a mess – if you knew the area you could see how crazy it actually is – the water (from the photos) looks to have gone a few blocks inland. We oddly enough are slated to go down to Florida tomorrow night – a long-planned trip to see my mother and work for Obama, so if the flights are running will still try to go as it seems a good time to be away! k.

      • hedgewitch Says:

        That’s the spirit. Hope you can get a flight out. This may possibly be the most chaotic and messed up election ever–provisional ballots, polling places in one of the biggest blue states disrupted, etc. At least we can hope for no hanging chads. ;_)

  5. Jody Lee Collins Says:

    Karin–just got up here on the West Coast. Was thinking about you last night and am thankful to hear you are safe. Funny, last night all I could think about was–‘do these people have air conditioning?’ (because I CANNOT sleep without some fresh air), and, how will they get up and down in their buildings if the elevators don’t work?
    Please keep us posted.

  6. janehewey Says:

    i appreciate your nod to luck at the end. Celebrating with cake is brilliant, even while watching and hearing the demolition surrounding. I prefer air but cake takes a close second. Much relieved to hear you are warm and dry.

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