8 Mississippi!

“Eight Mississippi” From 1 MISSISSIPPI by Karin Gustafson

A day dealing with decisions has left me with little oomph for a new poem or political post, so I turn to…. MARKETING!

Above is a picture from my counting book 1 Mississippi.  If you like counting, elephants and rather watery watercolors, it may just be up your alley (or it might work for a small child you know.)

Or, if you feel like you already know how to count will enough, you may prefer Nose Dive, a very fun young adult book that features NYC, high school, Broadway musicals, phone sex (don’t worry!), and a generational discomfiture with Barbara Streisand.  (By Karin Gustafson, illustrated by Jonathan Segal.)

From NOSE DIVE – by Karin Gustafson, illustrated by Jonathan Segal

Or GOING ON SOMEWHERE, (by Karin Gustafson, illustrated by Diana Barco.)  Poetry, primarily formal poetry (sonnets, villanelles, pantoums.) 

All the books are published by BackStroke Books (my own imprint.) 

Thanks for your indulgence and support. 

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11 Comments on “8 Mississippi!”

  1. so very cool! I love the pic SUCH a joyful little elly

  2. janehewey Says:

    sigh. i am in love with your little elephant. makes me smile every time.

  3. brian miller Says:

    smiles…..i know how to count but it might be worth it just to get to look at your elephants more….smiles…i hope all goes well with the decisions you have made today k…

  4. David King Says:

    There’s more of the very young child than the adolescent in me, so I go for the former — but advertising’s not political, you say?

    • ManicDdaily Says:

      Ha! You are right. So, I am turning to micro-politics! I am terrible at advertising. I don’t even know how to properly put widgets of book covers on the site. Or don’t have the right photos. The “adolescent” book is actually quite funny. The adolescent concerns are rather lifelong. And the poetry is, you know, poetry. It happens that at that time I tended to write in forms so there are lots of sonnets and villanelles.

      • hedgewitch Says:

        Take a normal photo of your book cover and post it that way? It’s easy to do it in blogger with their picture widget, but no idea on weird press.I have a hard time with how complicated they make uploading all media.

      • ManicDdaily Says:

        Yes, thanks. I think that’s what I have to do. It’s odd because a lot of the cover pictures I have are pdfs or something, so I have to just take the picture in the normal way.

        At this point wordpress is what I’m used to. It’s definitely a little weird some times and it can be difficult, particularly, if, like me, you are uploading media from different weird mobile platforms, but you get used to it.

  5. hedgewitch Says:

    Eight octopi engaging an elephant? How else would you represent the number 8? ;_) Love it, k. I have DL’d Nose Dive to my new kindle, but my husband is using it atm to read something else–hope to get to it soon.

    • ManicDdaily Says:

      Thanks so much. It is silly in a kind of slapstick way. On the other hand, it’s an extremely quick read I think. The pictures are wonderful (not mine) and show up pretty well on the Kindle – by a very sweet talented young man, Jonathan Segal. k.

  6. ha smiles…ya know…they look familiar…

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