Election 2012 – Call Me Trivial – Certain Things Swirl in the Brain (Flash 55)

Election 2012 – Call Me Trivial – Certain Things Swirl in the Brain

Dog on a fast car roof (hosed
through cage
at rest stop) does not speak
to me
of empathy,
nor does ganging tackle (with scissors)
of slightly-foppish blonde boy.

Guiding near-blind teacher into glass
Ha ha. Ha

You think
I’m not
being fair?
But it’s all
in good fun.




Above my offering to the G-man – 55 words without title .  ( And, yes, I know, I’m not being fair. And I’m sorry to offend- although these stories –all told of one specific candidate – do tend to stick in my brain.  But, sure, boys will be boys.   And, the dog – well – his name was Seamus – and hey, it can be darn hard to control a dog in a car on a long trip driving on fast highways, and I bet there are some countries people would like to tie on roofs.)

Have a great weekend.

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13 Comments on “Election 2012 – Call Me Trivial – Certain Things Swirl in the Brain (Flash 55)”

  1. That is what’s cool about freeness of speech and opinion. I enjoyed your ride of a 55.

  2. brian miller Says:

    i think perhaps you should stay within your ‘binder’ k….hehe…i will have to look up the story this is about though…this is one i dont know….

  3. othermary Says:


  4. hedgewitch Says:

    Well done, k. I try to be impartial about personalities and stick to issues, which heaven knows is enough, but its very hard with people like this.

  5. Patti Says:

    Yep. Me neither. Like I commented on another 55, we have to laugh, because otherwise, it is all too depressing.

  6. margaretbednar Says:

    … yes, all little boys are angels… Really, they really, really had to search for “something”. Binders of women are a good thing! 🙂 I think he seems like a great guy! (sorry everyone 🙂

  7. David King Says:

    Sure thing — and great fun just aint trivial! Me like.

  8. ha..being in the states at the moment, i’m getting a little more insight into what’s going on politically…though haven’t heard about that stories…

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