People Who Really Upset Me (Inner Monologue?) (No, it doesn’t have to do with Politics.)

People who really upset me  (Inner Monologue?)

First, there’s that one in the glass,
whose bra strap always shows,
and whose (big) feet can be often found
stepping on her very own toes.

And then there is
that other one–
who lives in the other
who steps
on her own–
toes some line–
who sorrows in
what glows–

who, strapped,
may be found
in “very” (though
not so much in

who, made of
steps on, towing–
that other one.


This is a rather odd poem for a With Real Toads challenge hosted by Kerry O’Connor to write an inner monologue (i.e. bit of a rant) about someone annoying to you.  I’m afraid I went for the obvious–looking in the mirror, and the other side of my own brain.  Dashes are meant really for pauses rather than for any coherent grammatical purpose.  

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24 Comments on “People Who Really Upset Me (Inner Monologue?) (No, it doesn’t have to do with Politics.)”

  1. Mary Says:

    Truthfully I am not a fan of the style of showing bra straps — just sayin’ but i definitely can identify with stepping on my own toes! And tripping over my own feet.

  2. hedgewitch Says:

    Can’t say I haven’t worn that harness. Sorrowing in what glows…perhaps it’s really radioactive? Like the way you’ve used the language as a reflection of the mirror metaphor–a much more serious, real poem than my little rant(but mine was just for fun anyway) and a pleasure to both my lobes to read.

  3. brian miller Says:

    ha your pauses are def effective in creating the two ways of very similar words k….yep bust a few bra straps at work as they are not to be showing on campus….pretty cool little write….

    • ManicDdaily Says:

      Poor you! It must be so embarrassing/difficult to bust bra straps! (I actually mean that, though it sounds pretty funny.)

      You know, I had this “creative” spacing back and forth, but I can’t make that work on wordpress and don’t even try. Hope you are enjoying your job and not too much driving. Thanks. k.

  4. Glad that I found this one…… Poem is great, but your subject choice really screams cute little elephants to me…. There’s no doubting that this is our lovely Miss Manic!

  5. David King Says:

    Awful taste! I wouldn’t be sen dead with my bra straps showing!

  6. And then there is that other one… You created a sharp contrast between the inner and outer persona. I think this is very clever poetry.

  7. janehewey Says:

    so very like an inner monologue, circling back on itself(ourself)
    the bra strap and towing/ toeing lines. your inner wit shines in this one.

  8. Susan Says:

    I totally love this poem, both it’s clear looking glass and its confus-confess-reflection! It speaks to my own condition at times when I try to make an outer image, another glass, to tote the real one while toeing the line. I hate bras, but put them on to go out. (I always wear an over shirt in case they show!)

  9. Beth Winter Says:

    I love to wear spaghetti strap tops and am grateful that bra straps are now presentable in colors and not something to hide away. If it weren’t acceptable, I would never walk out my front door in a spaghetti strap top again. I believe the straps displayed are much more appealing than the alternative.

    Self-inspection always brings out the more annoying qualities of self. We are our own worst critics (usually, but I have ONE worse than myself right now and that is really annoying). Wonderful poem.

  10. Oh I love this. My inner monologue would have to be about me, too, were I to write one……I, too, prefer “that other one” to the one in the mirror, the one with the thyroid neck, hee hee. Loved this. Loved the way it sort of wanders down the page the way our thoughts go……

  11. Adura Ojo Says:

    Ouch. Inner monologues are great, though can be painful. Great therapy though.

  12. I can sure relate to this—the straps, the mirror, the toes, all of it. Well said!

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