“Swoop” (Chagall Clown)

The Circus With the Yellow Clown, 1967, Marc Chagall


Some have the trick of swoop; they loop-de-loop
into love; even their arc of catching/being caught trapezes, their leaping
release of grip an elegant show, their hold never easing
over their own sweet selves.

Others fall hard–like clowns–flat
on their prat, splat–
no matter their particular grace, they ace
bumble; fumbling humbly with their offer
of all they are.  (All–
when less might be

Their swoop occurs in
eyelash–the blink, the wish, the
vow–the wobble
of heartbeat.

And when they leap–the clownish–
their untethered arc ends in an
ignominious tub–too much splash
for tears, too little
to be blue.

(He loved her–it was as simple
and hopeless as that.)


The above is my offering for The Mag – a blog hosted by Tess Kincaid.  Tess puts up an image each week as a writing prompt.   Check it out.

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18 Comments on ““Swoop” (Chagall Clown)”

  1. hedgewitch Says:

    A very Chagall like poem, drawn in warm primary colors and simple, eloquent shapes–also seems to use a bit of your idea of professional jargon in the circus talk…some really do have that swoop thing down–I don’t think you can learn it, I think it’s a gift. Last lines really bring it all together. Nice one, k.

    • ManicDdaily Says:

      Hi Hedge – I realize that my punctuation was terrible! Fixed some things now. I have my mom staying with at the moment–almost 90 – so when I come home from work, am a bit distracted! It’s all good, but hard to keep attention to commas and dashes. k.

  2. Kutamun Says:

    Heart wearming poetic treatment of love, Trouvere

  3. David King Says:

    I have to agree with hedgewitch: there is something decidedly Chagall-like about this verse. His flights between reality and dream. Excellent accompaniment.

  4. Maharukh Says:

    “he loved her it was simple and hopeless like that” wow mazing1

  5. brian miller Says:

    really great piece k….there is a lot of movement in your words…love the contrast you create in the two kinds of people that goes well beyond the circus you know but to the three rings of life…smiles..

  6. janehewey Says:

    a beautiful play with words on the hopeless, clown-like nature of falling in love.

  7. Tumblewords Says:

    Oh! As simple and hopeless as that. A superb ending for a delightful piece!

  8. hypercryptical Says:

    Lovely stuff k – a joy to read.

    Anna :o]

  9. Tess Kincaid Says:

    There are swooopers…and there are splatters…I fear I’m the latter…

  10. Eve Redwater Says:

    Really enjoyed this one K! Lots of movement in your words that keep the eye and mouth excited. “swoop; they loop-de-loop
    into love” is really great to say, lovely bit of assonance going on there! 😀

  11. zongrik Says:

    i really like this:

    Their swoop occurs in
    eyelash–the blink, the wish, the
    vow–the wobble
    of heartbeat.

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