Loss of Two Cultural Icons (And More)–Thanks to/for Them


Two cultural icons die over the last two days.

Of course, they were more than “cultural icons.”  (The term ‘cultural icon’ could probably be applied to the star of a reality show.)

Two great American artists die over the last two days:  Adrienne Rich, great and groundbreaking American poet, 1929-2012, dying yesterday; Earl Scruggs, great bluegrass banjo player, 1924-2012, dying today.

I’m not in any way comparing Rich and Scruggs, their impact, lasting value, merits, reach. They were both inspirational practictioners of their arts, each happening to die in late March 2012, each incredibly devoted to what they did and wonderful at it.  I personally really liked them both.

I am sure they had somewhat different visions of the world and country. but what’s strikes me at this moment is my personal great good fortune to live in a world and country that has accommodated both of their voices.

I’m sending out thanks for their wonderful gifts, and the very different inspiration, and invitations to joy, compassion, understanding, and protest that they offered their audiences.

There are wonderful links to Rich’s poetry, and a short bio, at the Poetry Foundation. For Scruggs, well, check out youtube.


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6 Comments on “Loss of Two Cultural Icons (And More)–Thanks to/for Them”

  1. Thank you for honoring them with your art and words.

    • ManicDdaily Says:

      Thanks. I don’t think they really have anything at all in common. I just happen to like them both and heard news at same time. Rich is a serious significant poet (wonderful) and feminist (more wonderful), but I have to admit that I really do love dancing around to bluegrass.

      • My Dad plays and restores banjos and as a feminist I’ve always loved Rich. So I especially appreciated the combination post as I rarely have those two parts of my life intersect :).

  2. acadianeire Says:


  3. Luke Prater Says:

    Enjoyed your tribute and in that, learning more about these icons (who aren’t prevalent in the UK)

    • ManicDdaily Says:

      Thanks, Luke. I really didn’t say much as I didn’t want to just quote other sources. I really admire Adrienne Rich, but I have to say that Scruggs has probably been a more reliable source of pleasure. (I love to DANCE!)

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